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Who knew a face cream could be so glamourous…


This ad series in Italian Vogue makes the cream look like La Mer…


I have to admit I love Nivea’s vintage packaging. I bought two little blue tins in a Rome pharmacy. (They were much easier to pack than the stovetop milk steamer, the 20 wool shawls, and the tomato masher!)

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18 Responses to “Nivea Made Chic”

  1. Sofia says:

    Black and White photos have this power:D Everything seems so much more interesting, like we can really capture the image. Colours can be a source of distraction.

    Oh I'm rumbling:P

  2. Laura [What I Like] says:

    I am absolutely dying for that dress!

  3. Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE says:

    Wow, I now have a brand new appreciation and respect for Nivea products. I may head out to the pharmacy tomorrow to see whats new.

  4. Char says:

    beautiful yes

  5. Lorna says:

    I remember when Oil of Olay ads was a tiny square in a newspaper. Picture of a light pink bottle.

    Look at it now.

  6. bubblegarm says:

    Looks amazing I agree!

  7. Josephine Tale Peddler says:

    I often see older women with great skins and when I ask them their beauty secret they say 'Nivea' or 'Oil of Olay' and the other day somebody even suggested Vaseline!
    Great adds. I do love the smell of Nivea. I feel like buying a tub myself now!

  8. LouDuk says:

    The photographs you post up here make me reconsider fashion photography. I used to always brush it off as completely fake. But now I am seeing the truly artistic side of it all. Thank you for that.

  9. Mademoiselle Frou-Frou says:

    i love it – good for nivea creating such a chic campaign! it looks so lovely.

  10. marthalena says:

    I love that you went to Italy and bought beauty products, shawls and a tomato masher! Will you be my friend?

  11. AliceTo says:

    I like the nivea cream too! Now it reminds me of my mother: it is the only beauty product she uses! And she has a beautiful skin! PS: there is no paraben inside.
    If you want, have a look at my new blog (it's in french!)

  12. STORY says:

    My mother's best friend used Nivea, and she was absolutely beautiful well into old age.

  13. Cloe says:

    These are wonderful images. Sometimes I think the combination of Italians and black and white could make a cabbage look chic.

  14. duet letterpress says:

    i love the ruffly back in the first photos. dreamy.

  15. Tina Tarnoff says:

    Gosh, those blue nivea tins. How that reminds me of my childhood. Nice.

  16. Charlie says:

    Love this campaign! The love the retro feel of the photos.

  17. SophieKowalski says:

    This shots are beutiful!
    My grandmother uses always nivea cream from 50 years!
    She has a wonderful skin!

  18. TheBeautyFile says:

    These are wonderful! I always love the photos you post! Have a wonderful weekend!

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