Jun 24, 2009

by English Muse


Found in an old issue of Marie Claire Maison is a profile of a luminous Paris apartment…


My favorite details: The painting of the woman in the yellow dress over the mantel in the pink salon; the mirrors and art in the kitchen; the red painted bookshelf (with books facing forward); the deco vase filled with knitting needles; and the cat perched on a stool.

The article — a bit tattered from hanging on one of my inspiration boards — appeared in the May/June 2008 issue of Marie Claire Maison. Photography by Adrien Dirand.

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23 Responses to “The Paris Apartment”

  1. duet letterpress says:

    how fabulous! i adore the lilac ceiling!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I agree with you on the details and all the unexpected angles and preserved moldings make these old Parisian flats so wonderful–that and the fact there's always at least one lovely big window.

  3. Sofia says:

    "Clutter cool", that's how you do it:D

    One question. I've been thinking of this quite often: what about dust? I mean, with a house full of objects it's quite hard to keep the cleaning part balanced with the style… Or is it like high heels? Just suck it up and walk?:P

  4. The Clever Pup says:

    cette appartement est fantastique!

    I just bought Marie-Claire for the bus ride to my mother's. It's a great magazine.

  5. Tracy Lorna Nors says:

    It's just so lavish, with gorgeous things!
    Love it!

  6. aileen says:

    i hate clutter…but this is pretty clutter. i would love to live in a place like this.

  7. Gretchen says:


  8. P. says:

    This is so beautiful – I could be so happy there….sigh. Have you seen the latest House Beautiful? I think there is a Brooklyn apartment in it that you'd flip for – it's stunning.

    I love my new ad! Thank you so much, Tina. How lovely of you to create it for me.


  9. Dumbwit Tellher ♥ says:

    Clutter at it's most fabulous!
    **The painting a huge favorite **

  10. Jen @ GreetQ.com says:

    Yes, yes, yes! You're so right about the painting of the woman in the yellow dress. I love it and that too caught my attention. Reminds me of a Modigliani. Is it? Thanks for dragging our your old magazines :) I love to do that too!

  11. GinaTricoteur says:

    I love the way the dear old Mac just blends in with all the other fav. objets d'art, because macs are of course.

  12. - Renée - says:

    It looks nice, but I could never live in an apartment like that! For me, it's too busy on the eyes! And like Sofia said, it would be hell to clean/dust! lol!

  13. Shaddy says:

    I must agree with Renee. Way too busy for me.

  14. TheBeautyFile says:

    Talk about a gorgeous set of photos…wow! I love that workspace with the computer, so much fun!

  15. Michelle says:

    What great details all throughout the apartment!

  16. automatism says:

    Oh, I loved this apartment when I saw it in Maison Marie Claire! I'm more a minimalist myself, but I loved this apartment — so lovingly put together, with fascinating little vignettes everywhere. The home as a work of art.

  17. orange sugar home says:

    wow!! the light fixtures, the textiles, the antiques….incredible.

  18. Tina Tarnoff says:

    How wonderful. I love when the apartments are decorated in such a way that when you enter it you don't know when to look first, you're overwhelmed. This is such an apartment! I would tell you what I liked, but I don't know where to look first! I'm totaly overwhelmed. I'm trying to make my apartment overwheliming, too, but huband objects. Sometimes too much stuff is too much stuff. Not in my book!


    Bohemian splendor darling…I smell the sweet scent of Shalimar perfume somehow….

  20. Beatrice says:

    That’s some eclectic fun she had inside that apartment. Lovely.

  21. Absolutely love this place! My favorite style of decorating – breathtaking bohemian elegance.

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