Last year, longtime Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby quietly posted some of his unpublished photos of Audrey Hepburn on his flickr page


“This year (2008) I am 80,” Willoughby explained on his page. “In the process of going over my prints recently, I realized that I have a lot of photographs that the galleries have never shown…and that I feel should be seen.”


He put up 46 remarkable photos of the iconic actress in a flickr set that has now received more than 9,000 views (but deserves far more!)

Do you want to see it? The link {here}.



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  1. thank you for posting. I absoutely love audrey…so any post dedicated to her ( and her photographer)is welcome!!

  2. I love her too! there's a really cute photo in the set of her taking a nap with the deer and her little dog…

  3. Love. I can't get enough of Audrey. She's one true beauty, inside and out.

    Whenever they're showing roman holiday on TV, I always reschedule to make that a movie date with my family. We all love her.

  4. How lovely she was. How beautiful. She had the most wonderful eyebrows. (not a very profound statement, but there you go!:)xoxo

  5. Thank you for this link! Audrey was such a remarkable person, both for her beauty and her kindness.

  6. What beautiful original photos… the cowboy hat looks so out of place on her!! Don't you think?

  7. Oh my! That photo with the long hair and the fawn…breathtaking. My mum has this amazing photo of my dad feeding a fawn in the woods…and the best part is, it was the first and last hunting trip he was ever coerced into taking in his lifetime. Instead of shooting a deer, he ended up coaxing a wild fawn to eat out of his hand. That was my dad.

  8. These are amazing pictures. I love the one where she's feeding the deer. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Beyond Marvelousss…love her & these pictures! PS: love you too darling Tina ~XO*

  10. She is so beautiful. I love Audrey Hepburn since I was a child and I am still amazed by her beauty, her look, her elegance, her fragility.
    Thank for your blog, such an everyday inspiration to me.

  11. This is timely. I just saw an exhibition at the Pride in London this weekend that showed previously unseen photos of Audrey too. The quote from the photographer was "You just couldn't stop photographing Audrey".

  12. I have to agree, her eyebrows are stunning. The top one with her talking on the phone is one of my favorite photographs of her.

    She is so dear, I love her immensely.

  13. Thank goodness he came across them or we'd all be the poorer.

    Thanx for putting them in our laps.

  14. Oh, she was just such a stunning beauty, inside and out! I love her, her movies, her charity work later for the UN, she had such class!

  15. Thanks for posting here! My husband will thank you, too! He's a huge Audrey fan, more so than me!

  16. It is so interesting that you post these. I was looking for a beautiful hair cut and found the top photo you have posted here just the other day and chose it for my own. I'm no Audrey Hepburn but I can hardley wait to diplay her beautiful cut on my own head. Thanks for these. they are beautiful.

  17. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. She is a total stunner & I can not wait to plow through these. That first photo is just perfect.

  18. I agree with the comments on the photo with her hair down and the fawn. Truly beautiful!

  19. amazing doesn't even begin to cover it…thank you so much for sharing these! the whole lot is just stunning.

  20. A mesmerizing set of photographs. This man's work deserves to be looked at by thousands more. Not only does he capture Audrey (perfection herself) beautifully, but his sense of light and composition are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. Thanks for sharing! Audrey is one of my favorites. Such a classic. There's never been anyone even remotely like her in Hollywood since…

  22. amazing. what a treat! I love when photos of the famous are discovered. It means there are secrets/parts of their personalities yet to be revealed to the world.

  23. Thank you thank you thank you for posting these pictures!!!! Audrey’s been my favorite actress and style icon since I saw Sabrina at 7. Even sitting on a stoop she looks elegant.

  24. I love Audrey Hepburn and I’ve watched most of her movies. My Fair Lady, Paris When it Sizzles, Roman Holiday are all a MUST-SEE :)

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