The Assouline book about the two men behind the NYC-based fashion label, Ruffian, is finally in bookstores. It’s a really wonderful account of the creative process that goes into making a classic, yet edgy, line of women’s clothing…

If you don’t know about Ruffian, check out my post at Ms. Muse! There’s more from the book, “Ruffian Inside Out,” and a link to the very chic
Ruffian website…

Click Here!

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9 Comments on Ruffian Inspiration

  1. Ruffian's inspiration board is itself quite inspiring with the black and whites and prismacolors!

  2. Great post! I really like Ms. Muse. This was my first time there. Also, I love the illustration. I wonder if they do they do their own illustration?

  3. Just cracked myself up (you didn't mean to;)…yes, I love the book — could only slightly peruse it as I did not have my white gloves with me in the bookstore.

    But I was jostled (to put it nicely) one two many times at Sunday event & out of my mouth popped: "You're behaving like two perfect ruffians!" No, I couldn't believe that was my go-to noun either. So this was amusing in oh-so-many ways, Ms. T. (Hey, those ruffians settled down btw, & I highly doubt they are as talented as "your" Ruffian.)

    (going offline, not by choice, grrr end of week most likely. Don't delete me!)

    ciao to all..

  4. honestly, I find a lot of inspiration looking at designers' sketches! I really do! Love the ones you have posted, really beautiful :)