This is really where I want to be…


Drifting along on a boat. It can be anywhere. Even in someone’s backyard swimming pool…


Or maybe strolling along with my little parasol, trying not to blind the tourists with my incredibly pale legs…

Or standing on the pier at dusk, watching the lights of the city flicker on…

I’m so restless for a proper summer vacation. I want to be off somewhere. Sigh.

For now, I have to be content with looking at these photos, above, from the Toast catalogue website. (They stopped sending me the catalogue in the mail, I guess because I didn’t order anything.)

I can’t wait until August, when we finally head out to the beach and then the mountains…


31 Comments on Summering

  1. They look like lovely places to be! I love the parasol & that polka dot skirt is just beautiful!!!

  2. oh Tina I have exactly the same feeling! summer should be spent just in water! *sight*
    and the Toast catalogue is the most beautiful one out there!


  3. Same here with Toast (I didn't buy anything, so…). I want to be just outside of Rome in summer. Or just outside of Naples.

    Most definitely do not want to be in DC…but here I am.

    I'll take the parasol & scary white legs any day. But they won't scare the tourists here, Tina. Far too many of them are more than willing to show their scary white legs to us. Yikes. Americans, other people: khakis & on women (or men, I won't judge), a nice cotton skirt is really just as comfortable as icky, unbecoming short-shorts. What I saw at the Cathedral the other day. Aieeeee.

    xoxo (to you, not them)

  4. Me too!! Why is it that i have to work!?
    Would love to be in that gorgeous pool!

  5. A fellow pale-legged gal! Glad I'm not the only one that will be blinding folks on the beach this summer. Lovely post today!

  6. Ah, to be outdoors and at leisure with nothing on your mind but what to have for dinner and which book to read next. . .

  7. It's hot in my country tight now, and looking at those pictures was not easy since I'm inside the house and not floating on fresh blue water… Oh I want to be there too:)

  8. ooh, thanks for letting me know that Toast had a new catalog! I love their photography. By the way, they're not very good at consistently sending catalogues. Every now and again I have to sign up on their site again.

  9. I swam at the Y early this afternoon. It was refreshing but not quite as fine as swimming in a beautiful setting. As I swim laps in the pool, I like to pretend I'm in a beautiful blue body of water with an even bluer sky above me.

  10. so dreamy & le sigh indeed…Toast catalogue has one of the best art direction! Hope your dream will come true darling-splash-splash! ~XO*

  11. toast have not sent me the last two catalogues and I did buy something not so long ago…wonder what's going on?

  12. i realized the new anthro catalogue hasn't arrived in awhile either…maybe it's cost cutting…

  13. Oh my. I was just at the beach today and I empathize with the emotion in the photographs. Wonderful!

  14. Last week-end I was at the seaside. I felt so good in the cold water. These photos reminds me this great feeling! Thank you!

  15. wow!! what photos! I'd like to be swimming or walking toward that coastal town for a nice meal by the sea. gorgeous.

  16. These photos made me think of Greece, the hot, the, blue, the white, Santorini, Rhodes, Mikonos. Oh, how I want to go back! Right now.

  17. the first one ….
    The girl made a yoga pose into the water. So cool!!!
    I will do this next time into the wate!! ha..ha..