Jun 05, 2009

by English Muse

Do you want to go to the mountains, the village, the ocean, or the shore?

(I’m living vicariously through Eames Daedelus vacation photos from Nicaragua at the moment. I really need a getaway!)

What are you doing this weekend?


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24 Responses to “Weekend Plans?”

  1. A little Princess says:

    Ooh dreamy! I want to go to the mountains please. This weekend I'm canal boating in rural and helping out at a two year olds birthday. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  2. Geisslein says:

    How much I wish I would life near the ocean…*sigh*. The weather is not so fine here in germany, so I will spend lot of time in my bed ;o) Wish you a great weekend!

  3. Brian Miller says:

    love the pics. all are enticing. would probably be found in the mountains most likely. have a great weekend!

  4. Laura. says:

    any of them! i don't know anyone who doesn't need a vacation these days. why does america work so hard? we need rest, let's be french and take a month off!

  5. min it says:

    Uhmmmm…I am going to the beach (Galician Coast)


  6. my favorite and my best says:

    me? well, i am going to the grocery store on saturday morning and then probably hanging around the paddling pool out back all the while trying not to get devoured by mosquitoes.

  7. Viewtiful_Justin says:

    I have a wedding to attend. It will be in a small town. I'd rather be in the mountains. The beach would be nice, too.

  8. The Cottage Cheese says:

    Yes please, I want to go to all of the above (haha). My post this morning made me think of you (hint – an artist who paints lovely shoes).

  9. caroline @ patagonia gifts says:

    ooohh I'd love to be swimming in the warm Caribbean ocean… anxiously waiting for our Cuba getaway! have a wonderful weekend!

  10. TheBeautyFile says:

    A little bit of everything….going to the city, the beach & the park! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  11. Joanna Goddard says:


  12. shoppingsmycardio says:

    oh my, could i go to any of those places photographed? lovely!

    personally, i'm hoping for a little trip to a waterfall…so a mountain, beach hybrid 🙂

  13. The Sice Family says:

    The mountains look very enticing!
    I will be getting my hair cut, shopping, having lunch with friends, writing reports. A bit of everything!

  14. avant garde says:

    i have the shop open on sat. and then on sun. my boyfriend and i are headed away from the things of man. to a remote part of any beach, wine, food, ocean sounds and the luxury of actually flipping through and entire magazine from cover to cover…joy!

  15. shelliebellie says:

    those are dreamy photos! i'll be at home for my last 2 days of maternity leave. doing my own thing cuz i doubt there will be much time for crafts and things once i have to get back in the swing of working. 🙁

    hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Jackie says:

    Oh what a great series! I would love to be in all of those places at once 🙂

  17. Charlie says:

    Your photos make me feel less tense, thank you for that Sweety!

    Ahh…I'll be in bed this weekend:-(, how sad is that?! Well my friends will enjoy my ballet tickets so that is a good thing- and I keep my fingers crossed that I can attend the Gala next week.

  18. LouDuk says:

    I need the vacation I'm getting this weekend!

  19. Kelly says:

    i would looooove to go to the mountains. i love the woods, and great outdoors! it'd be so nice to hike up a mountain right now too!

  20. drppanda says:

    We do not have that freedom of enjoying weekends .I have to always remain alert for a call from our hospital needing my help.

  21. Tina Tarnoff says:

    I think I want to go to some dreamy, weird, misty, wet English village. Hang out with the old ladies and hear a lot of gossip at the local church Sunday morning (I would go even though I'm not religious). Take long walks through the countryside. Have elevenses. Eat a lot of scones with strawberry jam and cream. Drink endless cups of tea and endless hot toddy's. Spend time with the dogs. Go riding and have picnics. Visit a local castle. Wear tweed skirts, slip in the mud and get soaking wet in the rain. My dream weekend. xoxo

  22. Maria Killam says:

    Since I live up the hill in Vancouver and have a view of the shore and the mountains I don't need to go anywhere. Well it would be nice but it is nice to stay home as well. I love your choice of 4 post!

  23. Zoe's Wardrobe says:

    Oohh I just want to climb into one of these pictures!! They look so beautiful!! 🙂

  24. Zoe's Wardrobe says:

    Oh BTW this weekend I was tucked up in bed…with flu…in June??! Random I know!! Wasn't a very nice weekend:(

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