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Bisbee, Arizona

I was so excited when this Kate Spade ad campaign debuted a couple years ago… I spent six years in Arizona before heading to California… And one of my friends grew up in the small town of Bisbee. (And I’m certain she would find the gold jacket and big blue flower quite smart!) I can’t […]

A Domino Favorite: Black and White

I love this photo of black and white treasures displayed against a dark gray wall. (Check out the little black dress and white sweater, upper right!) This series of photos appeared in the December 2005 issue of Domino magazine as part of an article, “Black and White and Cool All Over”… I especially love the […]

Happy Weekend!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m getting my hair done and then I’m going to an afternoon garden party! I’ve also resolved to listen to the stereo and avoid obsessive viewing of CNN. (I was watching until 1 am last night, fixated on every detail of Michael Jackson’s death. Poor man.) Photo credits: Macabre […]

The Price of Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia

Bonhams just recently closed its auction for some very interesting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Some of the items — and the price they fetched — might surprise you. Have a look: A sepia photograph by Cecil Beaton, 1956SoldĀ for $2,074 A receipt for Monroe’s hairdo for JFK’s birthday party, 1962Sold for $488 Two Marilyn Monroe rare black […]

The Paris Apartment

Found in an old issue of Marie Claire Maison is a profile of a luminous Paris apartment… My favorite details: The painting of the woman in the yellow dress over the mantel in the pink salon; the mirrors and art in the kitchen; the red painted bookshelf (with books facing forward); the deco vase filled […]

Beautiful Iran

These beautiful photos were taken by my friend Shokoofeh. (You can see them on her flickr page). I’m thinking today of her and all the women of Iran, with much sadness over the death of Neda Agha-Soltan.

Nivea Made Chic

Who knew a face cream could be so glamourous… This ad series in Italian Vogue makes the cream look like La Mer… I have to admit I love Nivea’s vintage packaging. I bought two little blue tins in a Rome pharmacy. (They were much easier to pack than the stovetop milk steamer, the 20 wool […]

Crazy Blog Crush

Julia.Love her blog. She went away to London a week ago and took a break from blogging. I was lost. Funny how that happens. Now she’s back. Life can resume.

Black and Light

Random bits of inspiration:A page from a 2006 Anthropologie catalogue (above)…and Mario Sorrenti’s portrait of Kate Moss from 30 Days of Fashion (below)… An image torn from a March 16, 2009 copy of The New Yorker… It’s an unattributed photograph from “Valentina: American Couture and the Cult of Celebrity,” at the Museum of the City […]

A Monday in Summer

This is such a lovely photo. It reminds me of summer vacation in the mountains (I wish I were there now)! Happy Monday everyone! UPDATE. Sale alert. Farmhouse Wares is having a 15% Summer Solstice sale!. Link here (Photo via Art Star.)

A Domino Favorite: Carolina Herrera Jr.

I love this article about Carolina Jr.’s Madrid apartment It appeared in the Domino premiere issue, Spring/Summer 2005 I adore the blackboard, the Moroccan mirror, the antique Suzani, the red tupils. And the vintage copy of Kenneth Tynan’s Bull Fever… The settee as bed footboard is so clever. And look at this fantastic bathroom. The […]

Ruffian Inspiration

The Assouline book about the two men behind the NYC-based fashion label, Ruffian, is finally in bookstores. It’s a really wonderful account of the creative process that goes into making a classic, yet edgy, line of women’s clothing… If you don’t know about Ruffian, check out my post at Ms. Muse! There’s more from the […]

Audrey Response

My dears, since I posted the Audrey photos more than 1,000 people have visited the full set on Bob Willoughby’s flickr page. I’m so happy! Thank you so much for your amazing response. Audrey Hepburn is, indeed, an important role model to an entirely new generation. Her grace and beauty are timeless. Now I’m heading […]

Rare Audrey Hepburn Photos

Last year, longtime Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby quietly posted some of his unpublished photos of Audrey Hepburn on his flickr page… “This year (2008) I am 80,” Willoughby explained on his page. “In the process of going over my prints recently, I realized that I have a lot of photographs that the galleries have never […]

Cloudy with a chance…

It’s been so gloomy in Los Angeles… But it doesn’t really matter when your vantage point is Malibu… My friend Veronique de Turenne blogs daily about the changing sky, and other scenes, on her beautiful blog Here in Malibu. She always transports me to the gorgeous beach town, home to some of the world’s richest […]

A Domino Favorite: Secondhand (Love) Story

I’ve been organizing my magazines this weekend — finally finding all my old Dominos. I rediscovered this article that I loved so much when it came out in March 2007 It’s a fantastic piece about a Portland, ME, couple’s quest for quirky, mostly vintage, things… I adore the colorful patchwork of pillows…and this amazing closet […]

Happy Weekend

What are you doing this weekend? I’m attempting, yet again, to organize my magazines…always a major project! xo (Photo by *toni.r)

Embroidery with Attitude

There is nothing courtly about Screaming Lulu’s embroidery….Check it out: A scowling Susan Boyle Curse words… Disappointment. It’s the juxtaposition of prim and irreverent. I love it. “I am a textile artist who loves to work with stitch and thread, producing ‘stitchures’ – images and text that have a narrative,” Ms. Lulu explains. “I like […]

Rosie Hardy

A new photo from flickr sensation Rosie Hardy. What do you think?

A New Way of Flying

After hammering stars to the sky a couple weeks ago (see post here), Hanna L. continues with her Mary Poppins theme on her flickr page, this time styling a photo of a woman flying with an umbrella. I think Mary would be excited about the colors in this brolly. But I wonder what she would […]

Isabel Toledo Exhibition

I would love to take a little trip to NYC this summer to see the Isabel Toledo exhibition at the Museum at FIT. (It opens on June 17.) I couldn’t resist tearing these ads for the show out of my Harper’s Bazaar this month. The ads are by Nordstrom and they’re awesome. Photography by Ruven […]

In with the new…

I’m very partial to black but I think it would be lovely to wear love, at least for summer…Such a clever sign by The Love Shop on Etsy (via Design is Mine). See you in the morning dolls.

The Blog as a Force of Nature

Looking for an afternoon pick-me-up? Check out this blog, Trend Land. Have you seen it yet? It’s a fantastic, dizzying experience. Sort of like seeing a blog in 3D on high def.

Anne Hathaway, Katarina at Lolita

I’m always dazzled by the images Katarina at Lolita finds for her blog ( and her tumblr, Tatielle. It’s one of the most original collections on the Internet. I love this image (above) on Tatielle of Anne Hathaway against a Fornasetti backdrop. I met Katarina, via email, when I first started blogging and she was […]

10 Magazine Names Top 10 Blogs, etc.

Ten Magazine’s summer issue is out on newsstands this week with an article listing the fashion tome’s top ten favorite blogs, twitters and email addresses. Writer Richard Gray asks: “Is blogging the new crack? Twittering the new caffeine? Virals the new, erm, Fendi Baguette?” (I’ve never tried crack but I drink lots of caffeine while […]

Weekend Plans?

Do you want to go to the mountains, the village, the ocean, or the shore? (I’m living vicariously through Eames Daedelus‘ vacation photos from Nicaragua at the moment. I really need a getaway!) What are you doing this weekend?

Tricks and Secrets

One of my projects for the summer is to explore the art of Lomography. And I love the idea of using 35 mm film in my Holga camera, which usually takes the more expensive 120 film. I came across these amazing photos recently by Stephanie Kac on flickr. I’m amazed at how she got the […]

Combat Boots and a Tiara

I love this photo by Hanna L. Everything about it is fantastic: the boots, the stars, the skirt, the girl and, of course, the tiara. It’s whimsy exemplified. You can find the clever Ms Hanna {here}. Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday. The sky is rumbling in Los Angeles. Any minute it’s going to […]

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