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Colorful Celebration

Well, hello there and happy Friday to you! I’m so, so thrilled to be guest blogging here. I truly adore Tina’s blog and have been a fan for quite a while! I’m Julie, and my husband and I are the duo behind Duet Letterpress. When I’m not busy designing or pedaling away at our antique […]

A Study in Color; Pink

via Haus Maus via Glamour (?) via Chantal Thomass via here via Brown’s Fashion via Fifi Chachnil via here via Sandra Freij via W Magazine, July 2002 via Courtworth It is certainly a pleasure to guest-post on The English Muse; a blog that has inspired me for many months with its eye-candy. I hope to […]

A Visual Cookie Plate

A little pick-me-up for this afternoon, lovelies. Photos all found on fffound. Kisses,Julia

magical photographs.

hello pretties! first off, i’m so excited to be guest posting on english muse  while tina is away. i think tina is just a doll  and like you, i’m a big fan of the blog. by the way, i’m naomi {known from my blog as taza}.  you can find out more about me in my little […]

Women Writers in Photo

Hello Readers of English Muse, I am Maggie May fromFlux Capacitor, married to my love Mr. Curry with whom I have three children- Dakota, Ian and Lola. I am a novelist and poet, so I thought it fitting that my guest blog be full of photos of amazing, fascinating women writers. Let’s begin with Queen […]

GreatFull and Graceful

Hello to my new friends who read this fabulous blog!I’m so happy to be joining the talented bloggers who are helping take care of English Muse while Tina’s away. First things first…allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lindsey and I am a graphic designer turned wedding photographer. I blog about all the things […]

Janne Peters Photography

Hello all — so lovely to meet you! It’s Lori of automatism today, happily taking a turn as guest blogger on the always inspiring English Muse while Tina takes a well earned break. In my non-blogging life I’m a collage illustrator — you may have seen the lovely post Tina did about my work a […]

LA, from my view.

Hello, I’m Julia, Tina’s friend in Paris. A few months ago, Ms. Tina very graciously helped me design my blog, Sugar Pop Tarts. When I heard that my old friend from my days in LA needed help, I wanted to volunteer. I decided to pull together some pictures that remind me of our hostess’ hometown, […]

A little break

My dears, I’m taking a little break from the blog for the rest of July and August. I wish I could tell you that I’m going away to somewhere marvelous. But I’m not. Just staying put amid my ongoing family matters. (Nothing terrible has happened. My dad came home from the hospital today.) I’ll still […]

Norma Jeane DiMaggio

Life is on newsstands this week with a new commemorative issue on Marilyn Monroe. The editors of the magazine certainly have a huge archive to draw from. The photos of the star with husband Joe DiMaggio are so charming. But the most exciting bit of ephemera is this: Monroe’s old passport is signed “Norma Jeane […]

A Magazine Favorite: Camping with Style

Normally I would be posting on Domino tonight, but I got distracted by these photos in the newest issue of Country Living. It was the Cath Kidston tent (above) that did it… Or maybe it’s because my secret dream is to live in a little cabin somewhere… I just flipped over these photos… I’m really […]

Girls in Flats

Our Facebook group, the International Society of Girls in Flats, has now grown to 680 members! Check it out here! (Don’t forget to join!) Hope you have a lovely Saturday. Depending how my dad is feeling, we might try to make a little trip to the beach for lunch. (The photo above is from an […]

Happy Weekend

These beautiful photos of Huntington Gardens in San Marino were taken by my friend Scott Martelle, journalist, author and blogger. The Huntington is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has an extraordinary English rose garden, a Japanese garden, an Australian garden and a Chinese garden… I want to go (and take my […]

Dazzling Diptychs

I love these diptychs fashioned by the uber-talented Neville Trickett of the Saint Verde blog. Neville is the creative director of a large fashion retailer in South Africa, according to sfgirlbybay (who is also an amazing diptych creator.) Inspiration, doubled.

Miss Granger

I love these photos of Harry Potter star Emma Watson… They appeared in this month’s Teen Vogue (yes, I bought a copy…) Have you seen the movie yet?

Taza and the Prince

She: loves homemade chocolate chip cookies. shampoo. maps. tea parties. birthday candles. holga cameras. (She’s also a recent grad of the juilliard school. the fierce dance class of 2008.) He: likes strawberry pop tarts. homemade ginger cookies. italy. jpmorgan. crew team. music. (he’s a proud columbia university grad. now works 15 hour days in DC.) […]

My Dad

As many of my dear readers of this blog know, my dad has been very ill over the past few months. Recently he was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome, a lethal bone marrow disease. I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from my job at the newspaper to help with my father’s care. I want […]

Roses + Diana Camera

Diana photos, as promised!

A Domino Favorite: Buenos Aires

This story about Maria Noel’s Buenos Aires apartment ran in the June 2006 issues of Domino Magazine. I remember immediately falling in love with this upholstered bed… I love how the blue reading lamp is attached to the headboard. Very undesignerly. The black and white chairs in this photo below are wonderful…. This little settee […]

The Weekend

I really want to dig out my Diana camera this weekend… And take pictures of things simple and lovely Like a table set for Saturday lunch. — Thank you again for all your kind comments about my dad. He’s home and doing ok at the moment. (Deep sigh of relief!) What are you doing this […]

Kings Road

1920s apartments and hair salons with catchy namesdefine the neighborhood around Kings Road in Los Angeles… But my favorite spot of all is this place… The Kings Newsstand, packed with foreign magazines. I love buying copies of French Vogue and the World of Interiors before heading next door to the coffee house, where they make […]

Station Wagon Living

I was at one of my favorite thrift stores and discovered this campy little book from 1957… It was compiled by Ford Motors at a time when car camping had become “a major social phenomenon of the post-war era.” They offered helpful illustrations for packing… And a photos of gadgets and equipment, like the Camp-N-Wagon. […]

Beach Polaroids

When we arrived at Paradise Cove north of Malibu this morning, it was still foggy and cool. By noon the sun had broken through and the 4th of July weekend was officially underway. We lounged around, watching the sea and the clouds. I read French Glamour and started a new book, Hot House Flower and […]

Beach Bound!

We’re getting ready to head to the beach for the day! I’m looking forward to reading a book under my giant beach umbrella. We’re going to have a little picnic in Malibu and hopefully we’ll be able to see my friend Veronique! I’m taking two Polaroid cameras, so (fingers crossed!) I’ll have nice pictures to […]

Different Styles of Inspiration

Check out these two inspiration walls… One is a fabulous overlapping collage of color. The other is an exhibit of order and creativity. Which one do you like the best? UPDATE! This comment by Brian Miller made me laugh out loud!! He said: “wow. mine would be the one that looks like it was put […]

Some favorite images…

From old magazines. I love the contrast of light and color…Beads, glass and ribbon… An inspiration wall of flowers… And a cobalt blue chandelier… So lovely to look at. A visual respite. The photos are from a variety of sources: Vogue Living May/June 08, British House & Garden June 2001, and Elle (I think!) Happy […]


I love this photo, although at first I thought it was a giant bubble. It’s actually a mirror….It’s very clever… Found over {here}


This photo is so soothing to look at, I think. Warmth and cool at once.—Thank you for your amazing comments. Thank you for your kindness. Photo by Danske

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