Jul 25, 2009

by English Muse

My dears, I’m taking a little break from the blog for the rest of July and August. I wish I could tell you that I’m going away to somewhere marvelous. But I’m not. Just staying put amid my ongoing family matters. (Nothing terrible has happened. My dad came home from the hospital today.) I’ll still be carrying around my Blackberry, so email me! Meanwhile will you promise to meet me back here after Labor Day? Will miss you…


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50 Responses to “A little break”

  1. Jordan Clarke says:

    Rest up love! I think it's great that you're taking some time out – not many people do these days. Family and friends are the most important thing and any chance we get to spend with them should be taken and enjoyed as much as possible. See you when you return xx

  2. Helen says:

    Hang in there, Ms. Muse. You're a good woman, I know it. I'll bring champagne on Labor Day, okay?


  3. http://galsintheknow.blogspot.com/ says:

    you have to take care of you first, Take care and try and have some fun along the way.

  4. **WE BLOG ARTISTS** says:

    It's important to spend time with family…
    I just spent a whole week working on a mural…and evening though my girls were around me…I felt I couldn't give anyone quality time…
    Have a great break, and see you in Sept.

  5. puglyfeet says:

    See you after Labor Day, Ms. Muse. I'm happy to hear that your father is home and well.

  6. Pamela Terry and Edward says:

    I'll be thinking of you and will see you in September!

  7. Tina says:

    i love you guys..champagne would be so lovely!!

  8. Her name was Lola says:

    Your presence will be missed, my dear. Family is the most important thing in the world, and my thoughts are with you and yours.

    I look forward to your return come Labor Day, Ms. Muse!


  9. Brooke Premo says:

    You will be missed by your blogosphere buddies. Have a restful time!

  10. Meg Fee says:

    i promise, promise. will see you then. and until then know that you're in all of our thoughts.

  11. vicki archer says:

    Take care…see you when you are ready, xv.

  12. vanessa joie says:

    Enjoy the down time. You'll be missed!

  13. liza says:

    Absolutely! See you then.


    We'll be waiting right here for you darling! Take care!!

  15. nath says:

    i'm sad that you're not going to be around, but it's a good thing to take a break, i hope you get to spend time doing things you love with people that you love. champagne after labor (when and what is this?!) day sounds tip top!

    with love X

  16. la fille vanille says:

    Will come back – take your time – and take care.

  17. Italo says:

    Hi, just yesterday I visited your blog for the first time. Have a nice day! Pace e bene. Italo.

  18. meg says:

    im going to miss you and your stories ): have a good time with your family! 😀

  19. Brian Miller says:

    have a great break. hope your dad continues ona good track. peace.

  20. Pixiedustbaby says:

    Be waiting, don't worry(: Hope all is well!
    We'll do some virtual shots once your back just for the hell of it 😉

    Much love and peace.

  21. Joanna Goddard says:

    have a great break — you so deserve it. xoxo

  22. CoffeewithZooly says:

    Enjoy the time ! We'll miss you but we'll also be here in September (Sorry, I have to remember September because labour day is in May here in Oz.)

    I love the title & holiday calendar – another creative inspiration.

  23. Sarah says:

    Oh yes of course we will all be here when you get back.

    I'll miss you, but I'm glad you're taking some time off. Get some rest, take care of Dad and treat yourself well. We're all thinking of you and your family Tina.


  24. TheBeautyFile says:

    You're wonderful. Of course we will be here when you return. You are at the top of my "must visit" blogs everyday! Hope your father makes a speedy recovery and you have a fabulous vacay. xo

  25. caroline @ patagonia gifts says:

    promise, darling! take care and enjoy the time with your family! xo

  26. Susan says:


    Of course, I'll be back & will "see" you in email/FB.

    Felt relief when I saw the title. Really. So worried about making yourself ill, too. And I won't press on with that, since you are doing that very thing. Good for you.



  27. K. says:

    Have a nice holiday! Enjoy your family…I'm thinking about taking a little time off too…

  28. K. Sundari says:

    I hope you and your family enjoy some quality time. I will make the most of this break by going through old posts of yours. See you when you get back.

  29. eva ravenstein says:

    glad to hear your dad's home and you're taking some time off, see you in september

  30. Simply Mel says:

    Enjoy your brief reprieve and find time to mingle in the simple things. We will be here when you return….

  31. joanita says:

    yay! have funn!

  32. Foxywedding says:

    Take care and enjoy the time with your family! See you when you get back!

  33. umama says:

    For sure.. we will be back! And you are definitely in my prayers. My sister has been in and out of the hospital all week, and I understand how much stress you have been under… Just remember, a lot of people are praying for you who don't even know you! Everything will be ok :0)

  34. Hayley says:

    relax and have fun (: we'll be missing you!

  35. Lilee says:

    wish your dad the best in the future…

  36. Tina says:

    thank you love…i'm so worried about him….

  37. Janet says:

    Take care. See you in September.

  38. automatism says:

    Have a good rest, and take good care of yourself as well as your dad and family. Miss you already!


  39. Sara says:

    I am in!

    Have fun on your break 🙂

  40. Angie says:

    Take care – I hope you have a restorative break.

  41. Amy says:

    Take care and enjoy your time off. Best wishes to you and you family. See you in September!

  42. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison says:

    See you after the holiday. Enjoy your time with your dad and the very important things in life!

  43. Penney says:

    Tina…take time..it's so important for you all…we will ALL miss you, and be waiting for you most patiently !!!!
    If I can help, let me know…
    with great xo and admiration,

  44. My Dog-Eared Pages says:

    We will miss you but family comes first and hopefully you can also find some time to relax and be in the moment. New 1971 Land Camera is not working yet… maybe by the time you get back… All best to you!
    xo Barbara

  45. Ali says:

    You and I (and the rest of your followers) have a date here right after Labor Day! 🙂

    Be well.

  46. Tahda says:

    have a lovely break! xx

  47. Tina Tarnoff says:

    I've been so busy the past few days, I haven't even had time to say that I miss you!!! Hope you are resting and not creating 100 new blogs in secret, under pseudonims etc. (if you are, let me know, cause I want to visit!)

  48. The Lil Bee says:

    We'll keep the place cozy for you. Enjoy your summer with your family:)

  49. emily says:

    Oh no. You are one of my top favorites as I click through my bloglovin' posts… Will miss you. Have a lovely month.

  50. Gaia says:

    I wish you the best for your family!
    Take care of your self too.
    love from the bottom of my heart

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