Normally I would be posting on Domino tonight, but I got distracted by these photos in the newest issue of Country Living. It was the Cath Kidston tent (above) that did it…


Or maybe it’s because my secret dream is to live in a little cabin somewhere…


I just flipped over these photos…


I’m really longing to go to our little rental cabin in the High Sierras.


I don’t know if I’ll make it this year, but I’m so daydreaming…

(Photos by Marcus Nilsson. More details about that Cath Kidston tent and other things on the Country Living website!)


22 Comments on A Magazine Favorite: Camping with Style

  1. Wow these really reminded me of my summers as a kid spent at camp. Love them — and that tent is so stylish. Mine is the faded blue utility variety!

  2. Kath Kitson I adore. The photos remind me of summers on the lakes of Minnesota but ours included a not so cool outhouse! Lovely photos.

  3. Great pictures. Gotta love Cath Kidston tents. My friend was the proud owner of the most awesome Cath Kidston teepee ever, with a cowboys and indians design printed all over it.

    We smugly pitched it at a music festival a couple of years ago only to have it collapse before our very eyes when we crawled out of it the next morning! It was sadly unfixable and never to be used again..good memories though :)

  4. I love that first one ….it's probably the closest I've ever come to wanting to go camping!

  5. I so love these pictures. We have a cabin and would love to have some of these accessories.

  6. I want to go camping in that tent, fill it with puffy pillows and an air mattress. I'm ok with that.

  7. I need need neeeeed that tent! Oh my gosh, I am in love with this photo shoot. Camping never looked so good!

  8. When I go camping, friends always tease me about how I bring too much stuff with me. Things like rugs and toss pillows and lanterns to hang in the trees. But guess where they all want to hang out–my tent!!

    Great photos!

  9. I'm not much for camping, I'm a person that nees her nice bathroom in the morning where I can style myself into an acceptable looking person. And I also hate the bugs.

    But, I suppose I wouldn't mingd a nice cabin, in the woods, somewhere quiet. But no bears please!

  10. I love those chairs on the dock! I'd kill for some chairs in those cute floral patterns. So retro-Americana.

  11. My Mom gave me this issue of Country Living, it is fantastic! I dream of the day I can have a little cabin or perhaps just a lovely plot of land on which I can camp "all fancy" every weekend. Someday…