Life is on newsstands this week with a new commemorative issue on Marilyn Monroe. The editors of the magazine certainly have a huge archive to draw from. The photos of the star with husband Joe DiMaggio are so charming. But the most exciting bit of ephemera is this:


Monroe’s old passport is signed “Norma Jeane DiMaggio.” I love it!


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  1. Her passport photo looks so much better than mine. It's interesting how the seal frames her face though.

  2. Lol I always thought Norma Jeane was the most ill-fitting name she could've been given …she was so sparking and flamboyant and sensual!!! Norma Jeanes belong in all-denim outfits, milking cows and ignoring make-up …lol ….stereotype, much!?

  3. I LOVE this photo of them! I saw something once about how heartbroken Joe was long after their divorce, and how he paid for her funeral. So sad…he loved her so much.

  4. so so cute! it amazes me that after all these years there are still the most adorable photos and pieces of memorabilia that we haven't seen. on a total side note, i cannot WAIT to update my passport photo – crossing fingers that i may look as chic as marilyn!

  5. I'm sorry but this has to be the hottest passport photo of all time! Hopefully I'll channel a little MM the next time I get mine taken which is thankfully very soon 😉

  6. I had never seen these before…
    that top photo is adorable. And I wish I looked that good in my passport.

  7. She must be the only person in the world to have had a good passport photo. what a beautiful woman!

  8. This is wonderful! I love this so! She's so glamorous…need to have the LIFE magazine!

  9. A real tragedy requires real people who have a real treasure…….and who lose it.

    that seems to me to be a real tragedy.

    Beautiful pictures…….thanks……..and how truly sad that loss of love; beauty , and happiness was.

    Heartbreaking. Really.

    Every morning I wake up and see my beloved and handsome husband of 31 years……and thank my lucky stars!