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I was at one of my favorite thrift stores
and discovered this campy little book from 1957…

station wagon

It was compiled by Ford Motors at a time when car camping had become
“a major social phenomenon of the post-war era.”

station wagon

They offered helpful illustrations for packing…

Station Wagon

And a photos of gadgets and equipment, like the Camp-N-Wagon. (A traveling kitchen with a formica counter, drawers, water tank, faucet and two-burner stove.)

station wagon

If Ford Motors were still making stations wagons like this, I don’t think they would need a federal bailout. These cars are pure vintage genius. Just add bio-fuel….

station wagon

And you’re ready to go…

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Beach Polaroids

Jul 04, 2009

When we arrived at Paradise Cove north of Malibu this morning, it was still foggy and cool.

paradise cove

By noon the sun had broken through and the 4th of July weekend was officially underway.

paradise cove

We lounged around, watching the sea and the clouds.

paradise cove

I read French Glamour and started a new book, Hot House Flower and
the 9 Plants of Desire.
My friend Veronique, who lives nearby, stopped by to say hello…

paradise cove

We ordered french fries, chicken wings and fish tacos from
the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. Everything was lovely, until…

paradise cove

Throngs of people descended upon our little beach. So we came home. Sunburned and happy, with Polaroids covered with sand and french fry grease.

Happy Weekend!!


PS: These Polaroids were taken with my 180 Land Camera.

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Beach Bound!

Jul 03, 2009

We’re getting ready to head to the beach for the day! I’m looking forward to reading a book under my giant beach umbrella. We’re going to have a little picnic in Malibu and hopefully we’ll be able to see my friend Veronique!

I’m taking two Polaroid cameras, so (fingers crossed!) I’ll have nice pictures to show you later!! xoxo

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Check out these two inspiration walls…


One is a fabulous overlapping collage of color. The other is an exhibit of order and creativity. Which one do you like the best?

UPDATE! This comment by Brian Miller made me laugh out loud!!
He said: “wow. mine would be the one that looks like it was put up with a shotgun. a little here there and everywhere. some interesting things too when you magnify these pics.”

Souces: Top collage first appeared on the beautiful Decor 8 blog and the bottom collage is from the lovely Oh. Hello Friend.

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From old magazines.

British House & Garden

I love the contrast of light and color…Beads, glass and ribbon…

British House & Garden

An inspiration wall of flowers…

British House & Garden

And a cobalt blue chandelier…


So lovely to look at. A visual respite.

The photos are from a variety of sources: Vogue Living May/June 08,
British House & Garden June 2001, and Elle (I think!)

Happy Wednesday everyone. One more day until the long holiday weekend!

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