Station Wagon

I was at one of my favorite thrift stores
and discovered this campy little book from 1957…

station wagon

It was compiled by Ford Motors at a time when car camping had become
“a major social phenomenon of the post-war era.”

station wagon

They offered helpful illustrations for packing…

Station Wagon

And a photos of gadgets and equipment, like the Camp-N-Wagon. (A traveling kitchen with a formica counter, drawers, water tank, faucet and two-burner stove.)

station wagon

If Ford Motors were still making stations wagons like this, I don’t think they would need a federal bailout. These cars are pure vintage genius. Just add bio-fuel….

station wagon

And you’re ready to go…


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  1. hahaha LOVE it! Seriously! It's been a long time since I seen one of those around!

    Happy 4th.

  2. The first photo is awesome! Could easily be a prop for a Norman Rockwell painting!

  3. i totally agree about the bailout!
    and this is why my next care is going to be a station wagon.
    hopefully one that gets 100 mpg.

  4. I love the shot of all of the tents. We went to a festival yesterday in upstate NY and lots of people camped out in this one backyard. It made me want to take a trip into the woods and stay for the weekend!

  5. Fantastic find! I love the Ford Treasury books and magazines from the 50's.

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. My Dad has been very ill and I'm like a crazy woman with last minute wedding parties and planning.

  6. I think *I* would even like camping if I could do it in a sweet wagon! You always post the most amazing finds!
    (And you make me miss when my brother lived in SoCal even more with your gorgeous pics!)

  7. amazing! it's funny how life seemed to be easier back at the days… Imagine? You want to travel with your family? Just grab your car and go..

    sometimes I really wish I could've lived that time..


  8. What an awesome find. I wish I could find a wagon to restore that you wouldn't have to mortgage your home for.

  9. This is the world I was born into–really. My parents had a Rambler and we camped all over California in it. Thanks for the memories.


  10. This is so cute! Coincidentally, my beau and I are going on a road trip from Virginia to Florida, and we're leaving tomorrow. This post made me that much more excited to get on the road! Thank you for sharing this little treasure!

  11. brilliant post!! love it. these photos and illustrations are wonderful. now I'll be on the hunt for books similar to these because we have the camping bug.

  12. Uh, Ford hasn't asked for a bailout. I realize that's not the point of the blog. Still, I say, let's give credit where credit is due. Thank you Ford Motor Company for running your business at a profit!

  13. I love old station wagons. We slept in the back of ours back in the 60's all the time.
    Ok it might have been parked in the driveway and it was just us kids, but we still slept in it every summer.

  14. How wondrous to see these old marketing materials…oh life must have been so swell back then- when the car company actually provided PACKING plans for you!

  15. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and you never fail to inspire…or make me laugh…so thank you!

    And as for this amazing post, maybe if enough of us wrote to Ford they would bring these cars back…and maybe even produce a new camping manual? Love the photos…what a great find!

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