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Check out Sabrina Harrison’s beautiful site for her Adventure Trips, Photography, Books, and Lust for Life!

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Inspiration: Marie Antoinette (the movie).

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Kate Spade’s New York Creative Director Deborah Lloyd learned how to sew on her grandmother’s Singer. By the time she was in grammar school, she was tailoring her own uniforms (skirts shorter than most) and sketching designs in her school notebooks.

It’s no surprise that she has fantastic taste. Here are a few of the people and things that inspire her:

Jean Shrimpton and vintage jewels…


Colorful Kate Spade boxes and Faye Dunaway…

Recently Updated24

Central Park and a chic chapeau…

Recently Updated29

Kees van Dongen portraits and gilded owls…

Recently Updated25
And a number of other lovely things…read more about Deborah on Kate Spade’s fantastic Behind the Curtain website.

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I use sticky notes a lot. At work, we use the conventional brand — good ‘ol Post-its. They’re practical and come in many attractive colors. Personally, however, I prefer something more decorative because they make the process of organizing my notes and projects a lot more fun. So, I’m always on the lookout for sticky notes. I was happy to find these from Galison. They make cute matching file folders, too. 🙂

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With brightly painted furniture and doors, wide, tall windows, and a greenhouse with a crystal chandelier, I have fallen completely in love with Persilija’s old house and gardens in the North of Sweden. You can see more on her charming flickr photostream, here. And also on her blog, fyrabarnsmamman. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

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{ Card purchased from Paper Source, designed by }

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Inspiration: Rosette Cloche by Giant Dwarf.

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Hello everyone! This is Shokoofeh from A New Simple Something!
I hope you are all enjoying your beautiful weekends! though it’s not weekend here in Iran…

Darlings, today I am showing you some beautiful handmade T-shirts designed with Persian calligraphy and motifs by a talented Iranian designer Nima; who lives and works in New York. and since I am so proud of his art as an Iranian I am so pleased to invite you to take a look at his works at his website.

Ericsson Silver has written about NimaNY:

The concept of hand crafted clothing started when as teenagers Nima and his friends would take Levis 501 Jeans and other garments and draw, write and alter them to their taste. Some of these items were obtained in the black market ,due to the trade regulations on western products, thus making it harder and more expensive to continue such experiments. The place was Tehran, and its northern suburbs, where a large middle class had settled in; the time period was during the late 80’s shortly after the war had ended.

Nima began, wearing what he was buying and altering, to the parties that took place in the underground scene of Northern Tehran. This became not only an outlet of youthful energy, but also a platform for experimentation. . Nima and his friends started crashing parties and squeezing their way into as many social settings as they could, just to show off their work. Not having any formal training in fashion design or consistent supply of material, they used what was available and incorporated them into their fabrics, items such as spray paint, studs, stitches, pins and etc.

A few years later Nima and most of his friends left Iran, and what was a large group of friends, had now been scattered around the world. After arriving in the East Coast Nima enrolled in Fashion Institue of Technology (FIT) and restarted his experimentations on fabric. He began an experiment that proved to be a key element for his future designs. That is mixing elements of the old world and drawing them onto a modern canvas. This was the printing of Persian motifs and stamps onto stretched canvases and drawing around them. But soon Nima found the canvas of an artist stretched around a frame is limiting for him. This was the cause for the return to an old hobby, print and draw onto T-shirts and wear them to elite parties, similar to what was done in Tehran, but instead it was in New York City the fashion hub of North America.

By expanding on that same idea by 2004 a production team was put together and the first series of NIMANY T-shirts were produced. This process included hand picking the garments at various stores and vintage shops, opening and re-stitching the cuts, dying the colors through a chemical process and silk screening quotes of Persian poets such as Hafez and Rumi. By stacking poems and graphics on top of each other, new gripping patterns were created; patterns that did not state any particular literal message, rather displaying the beauty of Persian typography on a garment. This first line sold out immediately and was a motivating factor for Nima to design new styles.

Today the NIMANY team are involved with every aspect of production that a piece of garment goes through, and they maintain an m.o that is important to them, which is to keep each garment individual, thus the owner of each work holds one unique piece. Today celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Nicky Hilton, Jim Carrey, Praz Micheal of Fugees and Kevin spacy wear these T-Shirts and major publications including Vogue, Maxims, New York Times have written about NIMANY.

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I’d love one of these for Fall. Pretty and plush, by Odd Molly.

{ via Hello Lolla }

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Hi there! It’s Julie here inviting you to come along with me as we take a stroll through Paris…

Pass the Eiffel Tower…

through the nearby gardens…
paris  day 1 part 2 140

to watch the children laughing on the carousel…
paris  day 1 part 2 068

and grab a bit to eat at a boulangerie…
paris 4 765

and visit the Musée d’Orsay…
paris 4 117

pass through a veggie market…
paris 7 040

and end up at Notre Dame…
paris 5 226

Wasn’t that fun? Sigh, I really miss Paris. My husband and I went in April of this year and took thousands of pictures. Really, thousands. If you’d like to see more of our Paris pics, click here.

Hope you’re having a good day!

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Spools of Thread

Aug 28, 2009

Though I don’t sew, I always find myself drawn to spools of thread, like these at Perfect Cleaners on Fillmore Street. Perhaps it’s an indication that I should learn how to sew… or that I’m simply a die hard Colour Lover.

{ via puglyfeet }

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{ via La Méchante }

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Congratulations, Kelly Ann! You are the lucky winner of the Reverie Daydream Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated and many thanks to Reverie Daydream for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway.

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Picture Pretty

Aug 27, 2009
Hello lovelies, it’s Crystal over at Plush Palate and I have a question for you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do these say?

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When Maria mentioned Anna Sui for Target in an email the other day, I just about flipped. I adore Anna Sui. I like almost everything she designs.

Within seconds, I was looking at previews of the upcoming Anna Sui for Target line. Quite frankly, I felt disappointed. I was expecting great clothes, at least as beautiful as the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line. With the exception of the dresses below, Anna Sui for Target falls below my expectations.

It doesn’t matter, though. You can bet that I’ll be at Target on September 13 to check out the entire collection in person. I wouldn’t miss it! 🙂
{ Preview via NY Magazine. }

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But vintage French photography from the turn of the century
oh, I just ADORE you!
{All works by: Eugene Atget, Coin de la Rue Valette et Pantheon, 1925}

{Le Cirque}

{Rue des Ursins, 1923}
{Cour, 28 rue Bonaparte, 1910}

{Notre Dame, 1925}

{Saint-Cloud, 1921-22}

{Quai d’Anjou, 6 a.m.

{Charenton, vieux Moulin, 1915}

If you’d like, come say hi over at my personal blog, The Beauty File
Eugene Atget photos via Masters of Photography, Montana Museum

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Niotillfem Blog

Aug 26, 2009

If I could trade lives with someone for a day (or two), I’d ask Sandra Beijer for a swap.

She strikes me as cosmopolitan,

as someone who attends fashion shows,

and enjoys picnics with her friends.

She eats great food,

including sausages,

and leaves plenty of room for dessert

She takes breathtaking pictures,

and has an obvious love for nature.

But most importantly, she has beautiful shoes.

Learn more about Sandra Beijer’s life in Stockholm from her fabulous blog, Niotillfem!

{ All photos owned by Sanra Beijer at Niotillfem. }

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I love Paper Source. I try to visit the store on Fillmore Street once a week. That’s where I buy all the paper that I use as backdrops for my photo shoots. Most of the time, however, I just window shop. I admire all the pretty displays of gift wrap and the oodles of stationery. The Paper Source store is a design wonder! (No, this is not an ad — I love PS, that is all.)

During a recent visit, I spent my time looking at the non-paper items, like their office supplies and bags and other cute stuff. The Rainbow Trout Stapler caught my eye, and so did the cupcakes of naughty lip gloss. Anyhow, the following are my noteworthy Paper Source gift picks:

  1. Rainbow Trout Stapler
  2. Naughty Nice Lip Gloss Cupcakes
  3. Peace Sign Lunch Bag
  4. Aprons
  5. Black-Stitched Suitcase

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… the point being I had planned on posting these guest posts on a Thursday, right? No problem.

Hello. So, it’s Jonas from way over at beyond wunderman here, once again, regardless of the fact that it’s Tuesday. It’s always a bit of a pleasurable nightmare, trying to come up with something bright and appropriate for the english muse, but a couple of weekends ago, as I worked through a commitment I had made weeks ago in a rustic haze, I knew the photographic result was going to end up on this very page. Why? Because for the first time in my life I consented to photograph a wedding. A friend of a friend’s. Hmmm. Initially I refused, but then I was told that it would include travel and a night in a disgustingly expensive hotel overlooking a fantastic lake, champagne and food, spirits and room service and literally as much food as I could eat and steal and at that point my mind began to wander over all the possible outcomes of such a scenario. It was … an interesting weekend.

Until next Thursday …

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click all images for larger, more mind boggling viewing

The truly mind boggling pen-and-ink drawings of Melissa B Tubbs can be purchased here

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I have always been a huge fan of Kate Spade handbags. Until recently, I didn’t know Kate Spade made clothes, too. Well, the Kate Spade Fall 2009 collection is utterly darling, just perfect and happy for Fall. I must say, I’m partial to the ensembles with colored tights.

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My home is ill-equipped for entertaining dinner guests. Six years ago, I started off with a set of half a dozen plates with matching bowls, glasses, and cups, all from Target. Today, I’m down to 3 plates, 4 bowls, and 4 cups. So, for my little get-together over the weekend, I had to make an emergency trip to Safeway to buy disposable plates. Maybe if I had guests over more frequently, I’d be better prepared.

I really don’t mind the deplorable state of my china. In my fantasy world, where I have lots of dinner parties, I’d have the following eclectic selection of bowls, cups, and plates in my dinnerware collection. These pretties are all from Anthropologie.

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{ via Pretty Foods, via Bakerby }

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