When Maria mentioned Anna Sui for Target in an email the other day, I just about flipped. I adore Anna Sui. I like almost everything she designs.

Within seconds, I was looking at previews of the upcoming Anna Sui for Target line. Quite frankly, I felt disappointed. I was expecting great clothes, at least as beautiful as the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line. With the exception of the dresses below, Anna Sui for Target falls below my expectations.

It doesn’t matter, though. You can bet that I’ll be at Target on September 13 to check out the entire collection in person. I wouldn’t miss it! :)
{ Preview via NY Magazine. }


6 Comments on Anna Sui for Target

  1. Love Anna Sui! This is exciting but I hope they have more pieces that impress 😉

    I'll be at Target on Sept 13th as well! Thanks!

  2. I really like the Vanessa set, but is it just me or is the Serena set absolutely nothing like what Serena would wear?