Aug 30, 2009

by English Muse

With brightly painted furniture and doors, wide, tall windows, and a greenhouse with a crystal chandelier, I have fallen completely in love with Persilija’s old house and gardens in the North of Sweden. You can see more on her charming flickr photostream, here. And also on her blog, fyrabarnsmamman. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

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20 Responses to “A Charming Swedish Cottage”

  1. Sigrid says:

    What an adorable cottage!

  2. Simply Mel says:

    I'm going crazy over all the cute little colored elephants on the shelves!

  3. vivian says:

    It's sooo cute! Yay pink elephants!


  4. Maggie May says:

    love the glossy blue table

  5. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    How absolutely gorgeous and magical. What a place to grow up in if you were a child! The imagination would run wild! I am just in love with this. Thanks for finding it, Tina!

  6. Shaista says:

    Oh there is something about a cottage isn't there? Something romantic… I love the lilac lavender tree in the front, and the colours, the very vivid colours!

  7. Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE says:

    Oh this is just the sweetest little cottage!! I have been dreaming about finding our own little cottage on the water in day I hope!

  8. Ramblings on - A blog by Nikki says:

    My journal and I are so there in spirit right now! Gorgeous!

  9. The Decorated House says:

    Wonderful eye candy for a Sunday evening. Off to see more.

  10. puglyfeet says:

    What a wonderful home — beautiful!

  11. Josephine Tale Peddler says:

    I expect to see an old witch come out and say, 'nibble nibble little mouse. Who's been nibbling at my house?' It is so Hansel and Gretel! I could move in tomorrow! xx

  12. Huynh♥ says:

    what a beautiful cottage,
    I wonder who lives in it!

  13. Kye says:

    Tina, this is scrumptious. Reminds me of Carl Larsson–do you know of him? If not, you might look him up–Swedish artist of maybe 100 years ago who had a fantastic house kind of like this. I think you'd like it.

  14. Lit and Life says:

    Love the elephants–especially the pink one!

  15. The Cottage Cheese says:

    Absolutely charming! I'd love to visit a place like this, but I fear I'd never want to leave to go back to the "real world"…

  16. Cassie says:

    Oh how I'd love to live in a cottage…dreamy.

  17. TheBeautyFile says:

    These are perfect! I want to live there….or at least spend many hours drooling over these pics!

  18. boots says:

    what amazing color! <3<3<3 it!

  19. Farmgirl Susan says:

    What everybody else already said. 🙂

  20. benbes says:

    very cute especially the elephant.
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