Aug 24, 2009

by English Muse

{ via Pretty Foods, via Bakerby }


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5 Responses to “Colour Lover: Sweet Tooth”

  1. Living and Loving In L.A. says:

    Beautiful! I love those colors! I'm actually designing a cupcake-inspired group right now. What wonderful inspiration!

  2. gypsyrosewrites says:

    I love this stuff- all the way from london I'm always looking for a bit of foody inspiration for my blog and this is super pretty – please can I steal that pink affair?

  3. Mag says:

    I always make some cakes for my husband.I also love the beautiful sweet cake.
    But….I am afraid that I become a fat woman.

  4. Bakkanekko says:

    my oh my, that's sweet (:

  5. anna and the ring says:


    Do I need to start buying Korean Vogue now as well!?

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