Aug 14, 2009

by English Muse

The English Muse is happy to host this fun giveaway, sponsored by the lovely and talented artist, Natalie Michelle Crowley. Natalie sells unique hand-painted note cards of cupcakes, shoes, dresses, dogs, pink elephants, and peacocks, among other things. The giveaway consists of 8 cards/8 envelopes of the winner’s choice from her Etsy shop,

To enter, please visit and share with us your favorite card design. Copy the link and paste it into your comment. This giveaway ends next Thursday, August 20, at 6pm PST, one entry per person. A winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Friday, August 21.

Have fun and good luck!!! πŸ™‚

Natalie has a rockin’ blog, too!


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61 Responses to “Giveaway! 8 Hand-painted Note Cards by Natty Michelle”

  1. orange sugar home says:
    peacocks for sure – especially since I just read the greek myth telling the origin of this gorgeous creature.

  2. Melissa says:

    I love the hippo! It reminds me of this children's song my dad used to sing to us when he would goof around… "Hippopotamus, please don't sit on us." Her work is lovely!

  3. Simply Mel says:

    Well, I am a total food lover, and these tomatoes make me smile!

  4. baddies2 says:

    I Have a cupcake fetish at the moment. I can't believe these were handprinted they look so nice.

  5. jack.sice says:

    Beautiful cards! I love all the cake and icecream ones, and the wedding cards are gorgeous, but my absolute favourite one is the peacock with the swirly tail! Wendy xx

  6. SabrinaFairchild says:

    the pink elephant with the martini glass is too cute to pass up. beautiful work. great giveaway.

  7. Jowy says:

    Oh how lovely..very pretty cards.

    One Love,

  8. sparkly stars (: says:

    my favourite is the bithday cupcake card

    they are amazing (:

  9. orange sparrow says:

    I completely love the cupcakes… but I think my very favorite is the Flapper Love Birds!! So adorable!

  10. The Consummate Hostess says:

    I really love the precious peacock!

  11. Kris says:

    OMG I love these!

    But this one (the bulldog with bee outfit) is my fave!

    Great items!

  12. Silent Company says:

    I really love the Flapper love birds, , but the others are also really awesome! Cute cards!

  13. **WE BLOG ARTISTS** says:
    My favourite are also the flapper birds…but love the cupcakes and the peacock too…
    Beautiful work!

  14. caroline @ patagonia gifts says:

    oh I love the magnolia! beautiful!

  15. Hilary Leister says:

    It was a tough decision, but I'm going to have to go with the cherry cake!


  16. taliiiii says:

    I am slightly in love with hippos. The Perth zoo doesn't have one, so I now refuse to go there πŸ˜€

  17. ABowlOfMush says:

    The Birthday Cupcake card!
    The most beautiful birthday card I've seen!
    I would LOVE to receive this on my birthday! So pretty!

  18. miss_liddy says:

    so many to chose from. But I love the peacock.

  19. Penny says:

    I was going to say the cupcakes until I saw the dress. Lovely!

  20. Jade180 says:

    Very nice cards. This magnolia one reminds me of the lovely town of Natchez, Mississippi.

  21. Basht says:

    pink elephant with martini or the flapper love birds are my faves.

  22. Kaitlyn says:

    Im going to have to go with the bulldog with the bumblebee costume. It's the cutest thing ever! How i would love to dress up my little dog in an outfit like that but she'd kill me.


  23. Flora says:

    The peacock one is definitely my favorite (it's also a tattoo idea of mine).

  24. Ali says:


    I am sort of obsessed.

  25. La Belle Lumière says:

    What sweet cards! I'm torn between 3 or 4 of them, but I say this peacock:

    I can't believe these were done with water color pencils β€” very cool!

  26. marywithgarden says:

    I like the owls because I live in the forest, but since my husband loves to play drums…those are my choice, especially in that great pink…Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Tina Tarnoff says:

    lovely! I like the best the peacock cards!

  28. Ms. B says:

    I really love this peacock card! They really are so beautiful and I think both of her peacock cards really capture that. So lovely!

  29. Anna G says:

    This one is so adorable!!!

    Sadly I'm not getting marry anytime soon.

    But I would choose the peacocks ones.

  30. jennywren1990 says:

    I fell in love with the first card I saw.
    The colours are so beautiful and perfect!

  31. Morgan says:

    Bathing beauties – definitely. πŸ™‚

  32. Peaches says:

    Hippo has to be my most absolute favorite!

  33. Elise says:

    I really like the Dachshund one, because it looks just like my dog! But I fell in love with this one:

  34. Rebecca Lynch Photography says:

    The Ping Elephant is cute. I thought of the Disney movie Dumbo when I saw it.

  35. carly says:

    because i'm obsessed with anything owly. the night owl print is amazing. i love it.

  36. kat says:

    i adore the three night owls card, the link being:

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  37. Heather says:

    I adore the Drums card!

    heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

  38. Grace says:

    I love this peacock card. The colors and detail are beautiful!! I'd love to send a few out to friends.

  39. chiaroscuro says:

    I love cupcakes! Makes me happy even to look at it πŸ™‚

  40. Ashley says:
    love the cupcake! makes such a unique birthday card

  41. Jennifer says:

    The single cupcake! I would love to have this to add to my little girl's First year scrapbook – with a note inside to my own little cupcake on her first birthday! It would be precious paired with one of the pictures I took of her eating her first cupcake!

    Great Giveaway πŸ˜€

  42. Micaela says:

    how lovely are the bathing beauties?

    and how cute is the maker? love this.

  43. leah says:

    What a tough choice! but the Blue feather heels card has to be my favourite!

  44. is a virtue says:

    I love how pretty and girly these are!


  45. Paula Ligere says:

    It was so difficult to choose, but I think that I like this one the most, so clean, simple and feminine.

  46. Yolanda says:

    My favorite card deesign:

    Love the flapper love birds! It's so creative and sweet! 2nd runner up were the 3 night owls! How adorable!!!

    Great work.

    Yolanda Curtis

  47. Mandy says:

    I love this peacock card:

    It reminds me of my grandma's family of pet peacocks — Gorgeous George, Sadie, Susie and Go Away. My cousin, who was three at the time, came up with the name "Go Away".

  48. Marisa says:

    My favorite, by far! It was hard to decide but as soon as I saw this little weenie dog I said EEEE! I love it!!

  49. Jo says:

    I just love the bathing beauties! Each of them seems to have her own unique personality! Such detail!!

  50. Meagan says:

    "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas."

    So cute!

  51. Breenuh says:

    You really can't go wrong with a peacock. Her drawing is so pretty & colorful :.)

  52. emily.loves.bryan says:

    I can't decide which is my favourite.

    I heart the pink elephant with martini card and the flapper love birds card. Just by looking at the elephant and the cute bubbles, I feel like joining him for a drink too. Bring on the lycee martini πŸ™‚

  53. Alice H says:

    The stork with baby card – I have a lot of pregnant friends and this would make the perfect congratulations card! Thanks – alicedemskehansen at

  54. Vintage Jones says:

    I love peacocks and I love these cards:

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