If I could trade lives with someone for a day (or two), I’d ask Sandra Beijer for a swap.

She strikes me as cosmopolitan,

as someone who attends fashion shows,

and enjoys picnics with her friends.

She eats great food,

including sausages,

and leaves plenty of room for dessert

She takes breathtaking pictures,

and has an obvious love for nature.

But most importantly, she has beautiful shoes.

Learn more about Sandra Beijer’s life in Stockholm from her fabulous blog, Niotillfem!

{ All photos owned by Sanra Beijer at Niotillfem. }


14 Comments on Niotillfem Blog

  1. Ms. Pugly Feet absolutely does bring us the best! Also I wouldn't mind stepping into Sandra Beijer's shoe's… those blue ones to be exact!

  2. Thank you for the link! I will have to check out her blog. She sounds super sweet, but I think you're just as capable of doing all those things and more. :)

  3. thanks for recommending this blog, it's absolutely wonderful! I love blogs that takes us into people's personal lives!

  4. her blog is one of my long-time favorites! she seems to lead almost a magical life. her and her boyfriend are just darling.

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