Aug 24, 2009

by English Muse

I’m looking forward to 2010. In fact, I already have my planner. The 2010 agenda by Cath Kidston is cute and practical, features a zip pocket cover, has monthly and weekly views, an address book, with a generous section for notes (perforated) and comes with lots of labels and stickers. It’s a Chronicle Book.


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16 Responses to “2010 Agenda by Cath Kidston”

  1. Jordan Clarke says:

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh – that is just sooo cute. I want.

  2. The Consummate Hostess says:

    Charming planner! There is something so great about a planner in this computer driven age.

  3. Shell says:

    I love Cath Kidston. All her stuff is beautiful. The planner is pretty.

  4. Amanda Nicole says:

    So many adorables. I love a fresh new calendar, so inspiring 🙂

  5. puglyfeet says:

    @Shell: Me, too. I looooove Cath Kidston. Have you seen her messenger bags? Inspired by vintage fabrics. Super cute. Ugh.

  6. Sarah Alaoui says:

    yes yes yes! perfect. i've been looking for a planner.

  7. Melissa says:

    I'm having a mild attack of agenda lust 😉

  8. Rita says:

    Cath Kidston's work is great. All her stuff is beautiful. Great planner she is.


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  9. Josephine Tale Peddler says:

    Love Cath Kidston! I will have to get one of these! Adorable. xx

  10. Kay says:

    2010???? isn't it still summer….???? oh, where does time go….? 🙂

  11. auxpaysdesmerveilles says:

    So adorable! I usually buy a the cheapest planner I can find and make a cover myself, I think it's a lot of fun, and I enjoy having an original planner 😉

  12. carly says:

    if i didn't have my moleskine.
    i would so totally buy this beauty.

  13. down and out chic says:

    oh wow, i think i may need to get this. i tried to use my blackberry as a "planner" this year and i miss paper!

  14. Ms. B says:

    Oh that's so darling! I need that!!!


  15. Bee says:

    I just vowed this morning to get more organized. PERFECT. I really like the lay-out of this.

  16. puglyfeet says:

    @Bee: This is perfect. Good size and affordable. 4.5" x 5.75", $12.99

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