I use sticky notes a lot. At work, we use the conventional brand — good ‘ol Post-its. They’re practical and come in many attractive colors. Personally, however, I prefer something more decorative because they make the process of organizing my notes and projects a lot more fun. So, I’m always on the lookout for sticky notes. I was happy to find these from Galison. They make cute matching file folders, too. :)


15 Comments on Noteworthy: Sticky Notes by Galison

  1. Oh I so didn't need to see this post, I'm an office supply nut! I love the cherry blossoms sticky notes!


  2. Those are so so so so so so so cute! I'm OBSESSED! Anything to brighten up the workspace! Thanks so much for sharing those…I need some, like immediately!!!

  3. sticky notes are one of my favorite things (i could have stacks and stacks and never have enough). these are particularly cute.

  4. I use these, too, and I adore them. It just makes desk work seem so much more cheerful. I am a sucker for pretty papers and office supplies. They may be an even bigger weakness for me than shoes. Or at least pretty darn close!

  5. I was wondering, could you do a post explaining what ColourLovers is all about, how the site works, etc? I tried to figure it out for myself, but it's as if everyone on there has been to some secret induction ceremony, and are guarding a few necessary pieces of information from the rest of us….

    or maybe I'm an idiot?
    Either way, help?!