Hello lovelies, it’s Crystal over at Plush Palate and I have a question for you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do these say?
*images via Elle Decor, From the Right Bank, Brunch at Saks

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  1. I like the blue one a lot – it's soothing and calm. And says clearly "Paris, France"
    The other one's are too crowded for me :-)

  2. For me they say 'live'! I like that they are not so perfectly organized and neat showroom type spaces, but they have a homey, lived-in feel. Charming!

  3. what these photos say to me:

    Blue's my favorite color/ simplicity is key/ organization is beautiful/layers, layers, layers

  4. Individuality…personality. Handpicked favorites defining the character of the person. Someone who loves pretty, carefree…a happy grazer at the long dining table of life. Love them all.

  5. I adore the first! I says south of France, with the warm tones and worn sensibility…so lovely and livable…


  6. I really like the first one, the colors, the bird cage… I love this atmosphere, quiet et calm.

  7. I think it's really interesting when people use empty picture frames as decoration. I'm not sure I understand the meaning behind it, unless the frame itself is so beautiful that to put anything in it would take away from the frame. I guess it is a fairly quick design element that takes little thought and can fill up a space on a wall.