New York Times Home section feature: The New Antiquarians seen here

I love this cabinet of curiousities

Sisters ( with fabulous names )Porter, and Hollister blogs here
XO, Flux Capacitor

10 Comments on Vintage Americana

  1. The cabinet of curiosities reminds me of this great shop in the Paris Flea Market. Magnificent!

  2. Fabulous stuff! I'm swooning over the cabinet and all the vintage goodies residing inside. Lovely post Maggie May!

  3. Talk about decorative.
    Not very minimalist these people are.
    Thats alot of stuff.

    Im kidding. But I do love the magorium of it all.
    Great blog 😀

  4. I am absolutely in love with Porter and Hollister. And I want to be the third sister. Maybe I'll cange my name to Harvey. Porter, Hollister and Harvey. Nah, it sounds like a law firm now. how about Poppy, Harvey, Porter and Poppy. Nah, now I sound like the least clever one.

    I give up.