But vintage French photography from the turn of the century
oh, I just ADORE you!
love, thebeautyfile
{All works by: Eugene Atget, Coin de la Rue Valette et Pantheon, 1925}

{Le Cirque}

{Rue des Ursins, 1923}
{Cour, 28 rue Bonaparte, 1910}

{Notre Dame, 1925}

{Saint-Cloud, 1921-22}

{Quai d’Anjou, 6 a.m.

{Charenton, vieux Moulin, 1915}

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Eugene Atget photos via Masters of Photography, Montana Museum

22 Comments on Vintage Photography, I Love You.

  1. Old photos evoke such feeling. I can't look at them without wondering what happened during those moments, that era, what became of the people in the photos…
    p.s. Beauty File – love her!

  2. There is a quiet beauty about those
    black and white pictures, they seem to show more, show more imperfections. I love this.

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. This is all so so beautiful! Thank you for posting them…awww now I miss Paris! Beautiful…

  4. What a memorable photos I have seen here. Really cute photos from the past that could take me into the past time. Thanks for the photo's here.

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