Aug 17, 2009

by English Muse

Hello the very dear readers of English Muse!
This is Shokoofeh from A New Simple Something!
It’s about one month that I am eagerly waiting for this moment to find a time and post here as a guest blogger.
Thank you darling Tina! it’s so very great!

so lovelies!
FOSSIL website has a great photo contest which sadly doesn’t accept more entries but you can browse its wonderful gallery! you can find lots of beautiful vintage photos there! and you can also vote for your favorite on August 20th!
dears, the gallery is like a full inspiration family album!
Don’t miss it!

above images are a few of my favorites.
which one is your favorite?!


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22 Responses to “VINTAGE REVIVAL”

  1. The Lil Bee says:

    OH, these are so great! That one of the grandma holding the little boy actually looks familiar to me, in the way that retro photos sometimes do, so that one gets my vote.

  2. yiqin; says:

    Very nice photos 🙂

  3. Joanna Goddard says:

    what lovely photos!!!

  4. Torie Jayne says:

    Such lovely photos! thanks for sharing x

  5. jonas wunderman says:

    oh the last one, definitely!!!

  6. Teri says:

    Old Birthday photos were always my favorite! I just love the memories!

  7. poet says:

    Ha! The first one could be my parents when they were young! I know it's not them, but it's still funny…


  8. Tina says:

    Hi Shokoofeh sweetie!!!!

  9. Kathleen says:

    How fun! I love these photos =)

    Hope all is well with you both =) praying!

  10. Tina Tarnoff says:

    These are absolutely fantastic! I think my favorite is the girl with a cake. Soooo cute.


  11. The Cottage Cheese says:

    I love old photos. I have been buying a few here and there at estate sales. It always makes me sad to think of how many of these "moments" will just be thrown away.

  12. Jeniffer says:

    vintage photos always give me good feelings.. =)

  13. Louis Duke says:

    Loving these! Tina dear, where on Earth did you get such a lovely layout?

  14. Brayton Homestead Interiors says:

    that is a tough choice, Love them all. But I touched by the sentiment of the mother and daughter beaming with laughter!

  15. sara says:

    i love going to my great aunts house and looking through her old old albums. they're full of such gems!
    thank you for sharing!

  16. Lori says:

    What great finds — and thanks so much for sharing these lovely old photos, Shokoofeh!!!


  17. quelle says:

    i love old photographs.

  18. annechovie says:

    It's impossible for me to find a favorite – they're all amazing!

  19. N says:

    Nice visuals!

  20. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    So glad to see you here!!
    A wonderful collection of photos, which bring back many memories of my own. You are so sensitive in the images you choose.

  21. Cristhiano says:

    i also dont like cena that much(or cm punk) but i just dont like the storylines of tna and i avporpe they have awsome talent from wwe like chris masters ric flair eric bichoff hulk hogan (last three for mic skills) kaval and most importantly the hardy boyz we want them back soo bad but we cant all am saying is am not insulting tna by anything theyre good but i like wwe more thank for ur time oh and am not the pg era am wwf

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