Do you think certain foods are more fashionable than others?

I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and they had a shelf of cupcake cookbooks, cards, mugs, etc..etc…

So for today, I would like to proclaim that cupcakes are the perfect food…

It’s also my birthday, so I would like one with pink sprinkles!! hah! Have a happy Thursday everyone!…

Photos from We Heart It, where there are 45 pages of cupcake pictures.



45 Comments on Fashion Foods

  1. Yes, cupcakes are the perfect food (along with French macarons, for that matter). Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Ms. Muse!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to one of the most kick ass entrepreneurial women online!!! And sweet, too. Sweet as a cupcake, matter of fact.

    Maggie May

  3. Life is always better with sprinkles. Hope you had a lovely birthday, with extra frosting on top!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Miss Pretty.
    I hope your day was full of cupcakes, wish making, and happy moments.
    Fritzi Marie

  5. Buna ziua !
    Voi veni in vizita mai des, mai ales daca vreau sa invat "ENGLEZA".
    E rost si de "haleala".
    2000< "English Muse" > 2100
    UuaAuuuu !

  6. Happy Birthday! :) Cupcakes are definatly the trend right now, the big competition of who has the best, I still vote the vegan bakery has the best, regardless of what the others say…

    Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the pink sprinkles cover your year with fresh dreams

  7. Happiest of birthdays to you dear. Yes cupcakes are splendid and will never tire, but I think such desires as eclaires, macaroons, and doghnuts should take center stage for a while. Hope your day is faboolousss dear!

  8. Happy Birthday to youuuu~~~
    Happy Birthday to Youuuu~~~
    Happy birthday to you Tina!

    happy birthday toooooo youoooooo!!!!!

    I wish the greenest birthday!
    love you!

  9. How is it I am always a day late for these things?! :( But a BIG "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", Ms. Tina! A Virgo… I should've known! (That's a good thing.)

    Hope the day was a loverly one! mwah!

    And I think we know how I feel about the cupcake. 😉

  10. Absolutely! Cupcakes are super chic. Food trends come and go, I wonder what the next baked good to come into fashion will be? Yogurt is still pretty popular here…and I have seen several shops selling milkshakes!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! A million cupcake wishes from L.A. XO!

  11. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you get to eat some yummy cupcakes. And yes cupcakes are so in fashion right now!

  12. Belated but heartfelt birthday good wishes to you — I hope you were surrounded by cupcakes and happiness!!!



  13. goodness. it was your birthday and I missed it!!! (I'm so terribly ambushed from all sides with projects and no time, and arhhggs.. I can't even keep up on my favorite blogs) so….happy belated birthday, the loveliest of them all! I'm so sorry I missed it! I hope you had the most wonderfull time, and I hope you were showered with pink sprinkles. much love and lines of fairy cupcakes.

  14. Happy Birthday!! I said to my family this year: All I want for my birthday is cupcakes with hot pink frosting.

    I totally understand what you mean. A close relative of mine makes the best ones in the world. No Joke.



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