Sep 10, 2009

by English Muse

What is it about Zooey Deschanel?

I’ve noticed her everywhere lately on all my favorite indy fashion blogs…


Is it her charming new movie, (500) Days of Summer, featuring her trademark vintage style?


Or her fantastic collection of sunglasses for Oliver Peoples? (I want the pink ones!)

Picture 2

Or maybe it’s because she sings swing songs with a cute guy in a band they call She & Him?


What do you think?

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53 Responses to “Oh Zooey!”

  1. Simply Mel says:

    She is just a beautiful breath of fresh air!

  2. ABowlOfMush says:

    She is so fab! Love her style.
    These pictures of her are fantastic!

  3. trishiekoh says:

    LOVE Zoey…she's absolutely fabulous!

  4. Micaela says:

    i have always asked the same thing…

    until i finally saw 500 Days of Summer. I get it now.

    i'm in love. 🙂

  5. Cathi says:

    She is just so adorable!

  6. Ginger Merante says:

    She is fresh, honest…sweet. She is classic all American.

  7. Simone says:

    Because she's romantic and inspired by legends… and has a happy public image. 🙂


  8. Melissa says:

    I can't figure out why I love her… there isn't just one reason, and there are more reasons than just the few that everyone's come up with… she's the epitome of coolness right now. And I love her sister too… that's right, it's a full on girl crush.

  9. Sher says:

    I adore Zooey, she has the cutest hair and style!!! I've loved her ever since almost famous:)

  10. la fille facétieuse says:

    She's so gorgeous. Definitely one of my style icons right now

  11. Teri says:

    Oh my gosh, she is totally adorable! Capital A! What's not to love about her!

  12. Daiane says:

    she is so cute and sweet and adorable! can't stop gazing at these pics 🙂

  13. poet says:

    Ehem, why does this video have to be such a strange mixture of morbid and über-cute? I'm not saying I don't like her, just wondering about that one thing…


  14. eco-stylista says:

    She is really unique! I think that there are only very few celebrities nowadays who are dare to be different. And she is certainly one of them!

  15. puglyfeet says:

    I think it's her hair — her bangs! 🙂


    She is quirky & charming!
    So glad you are back posting darling!! xo*

  17. Sahakiel says:

    I simply love her, she's so beautiful and has got a great style!! I want to see that movie!!


  18. Geisslein says:

    I ask myself the same thing…but the music-clip is just great! And she is a cute and beautiful girl…with beautiful big eyes. I need to watch the movie, I think!

  19. Annie says:

    all the above! 🙂

  20. Farfallina says:

    She has her own style, and such a funny face, in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way….

  21. Abby says:

    she seems so genuine- a nerd who grew up to be pretty and talented (don't we all feel like that girl???). not to mention her style is absolutely charming.

  22. Daydream Lily says:

    i think its all of theses things. She is adorable and so talented!! I cant wait to see 500 Days of Summer

  23. Daisy says:

    She is quite perfect, The roles she plays suit her well and I think you can imagine her to be similar in real life perhaps. !

  24. allieallen says:

    she's too much gorgeous! she's cool!

  25. Stompface says:

    love love love her, saw her in 500 days of summer last night.


  26. Ana Catarina Gonçalves says:

    She's truly lovely!!

  27. Same New Story says:

    i think your answer would have to be: all of the above.
    she is so wonderful

  28. DesBisoux says:

    what's not to like about her? really?

  29. amy and ann says:

    She has some kind of magnetic energy. And her voice. Slow and deliberate. Love her.


  30. TheBeautyFile says:

    oh, she is just too adorable!! i think my favorite zooey moment was in elf when she sang…her voice is just divine!

  31. orsoifeel says:

    i think she embodies the style that is coming back… when it was okay for girls to be girlie… in a modest way.

  32. Jaime says:

    I love her! Her angelic face and cute style. Going to see 500 days of summer tonight- so excited! 🙂

    @laviejaime (twitter)

  33. khaay says:

    i like her 🙂
    and she wears nice clothes! teehee 😉

    ( following! i like your blog! )

  34. khaay says:

    oh and btw, where's the following button thingy? 😀

  35. Ms. B says:

    I think it's because she doesn't let anyone dictate her style, she wears what she likes and she's not afraid to be different. Too often now, everyone says they are being different but in reality, they are wearing what everyone else is. You know you are being different when you walk into a store and people stare are you, and right now, that can be accomplished by wearing a cute cardigan and a shirtdress.

  36. La Belle Lumière says:

    I love her too! She's a great mix of charming and quirky — it's hard not to like her.

  37. mariù says:

    she is amazing! Bellissima!!

  38. Louis Duke says:

    I have seen murals of here everywhere, and I love all of them!

  39. Ash says:

    I just love her!

  40. Kay says:

    what is it? cute, sexy and eligent all in one!

  41. denise, the prime magpie says:

    I have much love for ZD. She's the perfect mix of smarts, fashion sense, and gorgeous hair and blue eyes.

  42. Ali says:

    Ugh, I ADORE her! No one quite like Ms. Zooey.

  43. Julia says:

    Ooooh, I just love Zooey! She's so quirky and beautiful at the same time. She's very different from those typical Hollywood princesses (not saying I don't like some of 'em, nor should they be any less respected!) but I think we all have a girl crush on her mostly because she's like the cool girl-next-door. Funny and fun! xx

  44. Tina Tarnoff says:

    She always leavs me speachless, so cute, gorgeous, such sense for clothes. I love the aqua sweater and shoes with bows that match, and the hair in that shot is superb.

  45. Hanako66 says:

    I can't quite put my finger on it, but I ADORE her!

  46. down and out chic says:

    she just so stinking cute. how did i mess she was in a band? i'm so behind.

  47. Katness says:

    I have always loved Zooey. She's so fantastic. I want to be her when I grow up.

  48. Misha says:

    I've come to think of her a little like the present days Audrey Hepburn. Then I kind of have a crush o her beautiful sister too, from the Tv show Bones.

  49. Michelle says:

    I just love her! She reminds me of Shirley from Laverne and Shirley.

  50. lady san pedro says:

    She was too offbeat for me at first, but it didn't take long for me to admire that fresh, careless attitude!

  51. k.o'brien jewelry says:

    her eyes are amazing, then you realize that she is a great actress and a whimsical muse.

  52. jellyfish says:

    oh i love her and her style. she is so adorable. and she is wearing a yoyo skirt! and giant yoyos at that.

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