From British retailer Rockett St George.

One can hardly take in the title of The English Muse without tapping into one’s inherent Anglophile nature. Are you with me? Okay, your Uncle Beefy typically refers to himself as a “Franglophile” given his love of things both French and English but for the moment I shall focus, Kids.

I love to armchair travel on a constant basis… pretending to flit about from shop to virtual shop admiring the wares, the merchandising, and the glorious accents used to offer me assistance while I try to muffle my desperate need to be seen as fashionably international. (This requires enormous mental fortitude and imagination when sitting at the ‘puter in one’s pajamas… just sayin’.)

From British retailer Rockett St George.
One favorite virtual fix is Rockett St. George! They have a vast array of goodies of all sorts that will have you conjuring up images of us having tea at the window of my London flat as we secretly mock the American couple down below (in matching satin bowling jackets) inquiring about the possible whereabouts of an Applebee’s. “Ha, ha, ha!” as we throw our heads back. “More Earl Grey? Or shall we have a Pimm’s Cup? Nonsense! Let’s grab a bite at Albion and then do some shopping!”

To blog perchance to dream…. sigh.

From British retailer Rockett St George.
From British retailer Rockett St George.
From British retailer Rockett St George.

18 Comments on A Right Anglo

  1. I may be missing the point but how on earth do those upside-down plants not fall out of their pots?

  2. Hey, Kids! Glad you're feelin' m'British flo! That site is endlessly swoon-worthy! You could drop some serious pounds there. Sadly, I mean the currency. 😉

    Oh… and "reckless daughter", it has some kind of a cap that keeps the plants & dirt from falling out. Who'd a thunk it?!!

    Ta for now! :)

  3. I love the artwork on that wall. I am not sure what material. Is is a matte paint on metal? Beautiful.
    Thanks & happy weekend
    ann (ps from the us but don't like applebee's)

  4. Impeccable finds — AS ALWAYS. I don't know how you do it! I guess that's why you're everyone's favorite Uncle. 😉