Oh. So fantastic. Who wants to go? We’ll stay with my friend Elaine and eat macrons all day. And sip hot chocolate…

(photos from the New York Times.)



20 Comments on Sofia Coppola’s Paris

  1. ooh la-la*
    You have hot chocolate while I'd have my cafe au lait! Perfect!!
    Lovely long weekend darling…


  2. Take me away!!!!We could go to Angelina's and stroll around the Tuillieries and sit and blog ! Happy weekend. Happy fall.

  3. Lovely! My friend and I are planning a trip to Paris in April (we went to London and St. Petersburg last spring) and I can't wait.

  4. Just read an interesting article about many Japanese tourists are returning home "culture-shocked" b/c their imagined "Paris" (influenced by the cinema and classical literature) was so vastly different from the truth of today's post-modern Paris.

    nonetheless, I still have a half dozen shots of Paris/France around my place. do you know the woody allen scene is in Paris when he dances with goldie hawn on the riverwalk in "everyone says i love you." one of my faves! thx for sharing, Tina – Jg.

  5. Oh my! I would ADORE going! Fall always makes me restless to be traveling… And nothing is more satisfying than French hot chocolate!

  6. Ooh, I just love Sophia! Such a sense of style, and above all her way with color…like no other. She's an original.

  7. Ahhhh Sophia ~ Absolutely splendid! I just recently discovered this article on Sophia's Paris after I got inspired watching Marie Antoinette for the one millionth time! I don't even blink when I watch it. Sophia is a brilliant artist! I just did a post on Laduree (and those divine macaroons) that I think you'll appreciate.

    xoxo love,