I was going through some of my old files and found these photos of Sofia Coppola’s 2008 ad campaign for the bags and shoes she designed for
Louis Vuitton.

The bags seemed typical LV to me. But the ads were fantastic, so Sofia.

Especially love the Polaroids. (Ok, love the red shoes too…)

What if Sofia did a personal style book with nothing but Polaroids? Could you imagine it? She could take photos of her closet, and her office and all her interesting friends….
I shouldn’t be thinking about these things at midnight because it just wakes me up and now it will be 3 a.m. before I get to bed.

O well. Happy Tuesday everyone!

One more!

Pink sunglasses and iPhone.


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  1. Ooh, I agree, i would def buy that book! One of most treasured magazines is the issue of French Vogue edited by Sofia. So cool. We virtually fought over it in the office where I used to work!

  2. I feel like every time you post something, I say "Ooh! That's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen!" But these pictures, they really are phenomenal.

  3. i love these pictures more than any campaign they have done! so classic and not really out there…fabulous! oh yes…the red shoes are amazing!:) xo

  4. I remember these. I have the second one in my sketchbook I am pretty positive. Just in case I didnt, now I do!


  5. What I love is how it harks back to the high glamour of the 70s…think Peter Sarstedt's Where Do You Go To My Lovely (which Wes Anderson used to such effect in Hotel Chevalier).

    I love the stitched leather tabletop in the first shot, with its multiple rings from too many champagne glasses. And the red suede shoes make me think of the main character in Chocolat (I'm reading the fabulous, fabulous sequel right now).

  6. It's the shoes the shoes, everyone should have a pair of red shoes! Maybe we'd inherit some coppola chic just by wearing them…what a slick shoot – a polaroid princess! xx

  7. sophia is the best, i love everything she has a hand in and these are no different. simple and beautfiul.

  8. I like Sofia Coppola's style – simple, stylish, classic, yet fresh. She really has defined herself as a designer and as a wonderful movie director. Thanks for sharing Tina.

  9. I would Amazon.com the crap out of a Sophia book like that. Stunning work once again from a stunning woman.

  10. I'm not drawn to LV products, but these ads are beautiful. Much nicer than the usual in-your-face LV ads. Sophia should partner with Chloe for an ad campaign. Chloe bags are the only ones I'm willing to spend an arm and a leg for :)

  11. Okay for me this ad campaign does not make me want to buy LV but makes me want to buy the photos….is that bad?!

  12. Sofia I could take or leave except that I would love to have her life. But ha-ha your comment about thinking about it making you stay up past your bedtime. Now that! is so me! Who needs caffeine – an exciting idea will do!

  13. Oh, I adore Sofia, I would love to hang around with her. Maybe sometime, someday, Sofia, you would consider being my friend? For just a day? You can help me pick out a bag, 'cause I'm absolutely hopless. I love the clutch in the top photo, but, as I'm a huge bag person, I would like to have that clutch made into a huge clutch. How about that LV?

  14. loooove these photos! and the clutches! and the glasses! and the shoes!! oh my!

    would definately buy a SC photo book!!

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