Hello…Happy Sunday….

I always spend Sunday mornings catching up on my reading: Newspapers, magazines, blogs and, this week, runway photos from New York…

I love Marc Jacobs’ new designs for his casual Marc line…

So colorful, like chic magpies. I’m trying to pick a favorite…The girl with the purple plaid shirt and the blue flowered skirt? Or maybe the one wearing polka dots? What do you think?….I wonder if I could get away with wearing the big bunny-ear bow. Probably not. But it provides fodder for such a lovely game of mental dress up!


13 Comments on Sunday Morning w/ Marc Jacobs

  1. Very fun and chic. Hmmm, I do like the purple plaid shirt w/ blue skirt but the blue dress at the bottom is cute too.

  2. So clever and witty and charming Marc Jacobs is. I just adored his latest collections, all of the colors, why, he's just amazing!

  3. I like the plaid shirt and blue flowered/spotted skirt the best. There's something really great about mixing prints and making it look good!