This amazing zoetrope, created to showcase Temperley London’s Spring 2010 collection, is like a giant windup music box. It’s enchanting, with animated film loops and vintage stills. All set to jazz.

Have a look. What do you think?


19 Comments on The Temperley Zoetrope

  1. Adore it. Want the black dress that the girl in the swing is wearing.

    I always go into the Temperley store at Bicester Village, but just for a look so far . . . someday I will score something wonderful!

  2. this is just absolutely amazing. I'm so impressed with what peole can come up with. what imagination. I love it visually, but the music… I adore this music. I've been listening to the old songs form 1910-1930 for a while now and was so in the mood for this post! thanks, dear tina!

  3. This is mind-blowingly beautiful! I've never seen anything like it. I also like how they use gymnasts as well as models.