Hello lovelies! Becka here, I’m so excited to be back here sharing a bit of daily inspiration with you all this week. Thank you for having me, Tina! I wanted to show you all this fantastic flickr group I have recently come across, ‘What I Wore Today’. I already love browsing through blogs and photo pools like Wardrobe Remix to see what people are wearing. I love that its real people wearing their own unique style. While this group isn’t technically real people, I think it may now be my favourite. You see, this group is drawings only. Yep, everyone who posts in the group whips up a wee sketch of what they’ve worn that day to show off to us all. Not only are there so many fantastic drawings, but most come with the best little descriptions of what is being worn and why. Love!

Here are a few of my favourites…Photo credits from top: carolyn alexander, gemma correll, tinysketchbook, lizzy stewart, hellojenuine, neithlocay, alma rosa, Sarah McNeil (aka one of my favourite, favourite artists).

Aren’t they lovely? All those red cheeks are just too good.


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  1. wow, thanks so much for sharing!!!!!! I think I want to start doing this…I used to draw all the time but since high school I haven't been able to have my own free time to draw. This would give me a purpose to sketch in my notebook, though!

  2. These are so much fun… Today I am cleaning out my closets. This gives me some ideas of what I should get to celebrate!


  3. those sketches are beyond CUTE!!
    I have to do them all the time (job requirements) ahh i guess i shud use them for my blog too..


  4. I can't believe how in love I am with these illustrations + the ladies behind them. Pure genius.


  5. uooooooooooooooo!!
    I felt so happy to see these :)

    I love all the pictures in the blog as well.

    thank you thank you