We decided to take a little day trip to San Diego…

But because I’m the most disorganized person on the planet, I forgot my camera…


So here are the photos taken on my new iPhone…

Mission Beach


Mission Beach

I know it’s not Polaroid…

Mission Beach

And of course nothing can compare to Polaroid…but…I’m just going to say it: I’m in love with my iPhone. Loooooveee! (Full set here).


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  1. Yay to trips to San Diego! If you haven't been to Coronado yet, you definitely have to go next time you visit. And I can recommend an AMAZING restaurant or two in the city…one is right next to a dessert place that has such good pastries it makes me want to cry tears of joy.

  2. AHHHh this is where i lived the last four years!!! i went to USD and lived on mission beach…. this just legit almost made me cry i miss it so much… beautifully captured! xo

  3. Your iPhone pics are fabulous – don't you just love your iphone!!!
    However, YOU are the one with the great eye my dear for framing great shots! Oh yeah, go Tina go!

    xxoo Laurie

  4. That happens to me all the time! I either forget my camera or I forget to charge the batteries.

    I love the first photo, it looks like the most wonderful painting.

    Can you believe that I don't have a cell phone? Well, my husband does, so I steal his sometimes. But, I'm so happy not to have one, I don't like to be reached at all times :).

    Hope your dad is doing good. Hugs!


  5. C'est bricolage, ma cherie. Groups all over Italy, France,& here in DC (amongst other places) are using their iPhones for projects. Photophonie, foto povera. Oui, oui. These look great. I agree with Tina T. about first one.

    And to Tina T (I'll see you in gmail): I resisted a long time. But then I realized it was great to have an emergency phone. I turn mine off all the time…it'll take a message:)



  6. Hi Tina, love the blog. I also forget my polaroid all the time! But never leave home without my iphone. You should check out the app ShakeItPhoto, it takes pictures with your iphone and turns them into a polaroid lookalike. I know, not even close to the real thing, but great for when you only have your phone. Cheers!

  7. Dude….i reeeealllyyy hope that the deal with iPhone and Verizon happens! I want one so bad!

  8. Oh lovely photos! You can download the iPhone app Polarize for free and it transforms your pics into Polaroid look-a-likes – nice!

  9. i have an iphone and i swear my photos don't come out this good! what fun, vibrant pictures!

  10. It's funny… I've gotten some really great shots on my iPhone, as well. They have a certain quality to them that I really love… as long as the lighting is right and all:)