{sensitive space}

happy tuesday lovely readers!
l.l. here from The Beauty File blog.
this week I bring you an awe-inspiring group of photos by
the incredibly talented flickr photostreamer, futureancient.

prepare to be mesmerized…



{soft music under the stars}
{homeward bound}
{ancient note}


all photos via futureancient flickr stream


37 Comments on Twilight

  1. Is it possible to be in love with photographs? Because I think I am. These are so incredibly lovely. I wish I could live my life in these.

  2. The French call twilight the L'heure Bleue {Guerlain created a perfume for it in 1912} – some say it's the hour when a gentleman throws open the shutters of his mistresses room. Gentleman? Wonderful, magical pix!!

  3. did you see that i posted his work to my twitter page the other day? amazing, isn't it? was going to share the work on chessa! this week…so inspiring.

  4. How light looks like when I take away my glasses:) little world of beauty here and there, as always..

  5. Whoa, these are amazing. It feels like NYC in the fall/winter. I am amazed at how magical these photos are.

  6. Woah! This literally took my breath away! These are such AMAZING finds… they are almost dreamlike in their lighting and the haunting silhouettes.

  7. Those are remarkably beautiful. Thanks for sharing–I know where I'll be spending too much time.

  8. I can't think of another adjective for amazing/beautiful/stunning/breathtaking so I'll just say..I like.