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Hello everyone. Wishing you a lovely holiday tomorrow. My mom is doing the cooking this year. My only task is to bring the cupcakes for dessert! (Yes cupcakes! It was my mom’s request.) I ordered a dozen — a mix of chocolate and vanilla — from my favorite cupcake place in San Marino. As usual, we’ll watch the Macy’s parade on TV, have dinner at 1 p.m. and then watch football (and fall asleep on the couch.) Bliss.

Photo by Consumed by Cake

Amazing Auction of Audrey Dresses

Some 35 dresses, gowns, memorabilia and other treasures will be sold on December 8 at a London Sotheby’s auction — the largest public sale ever of clothing that belonged to the beloved actress. Here’s a sneak peak:

This photo by Richard Avedon.

The little black Chantilly lace Givenchy dress Ms. Hepburn wore in “How to Steal a Million.”

A wonderful black mod coat.

Her gorgeous white gown from “Love in the Afternoon.”

The Fontana Sisters gown she planned to wear to wed Lord James Hanson. (The wedding never happened, and the dress was carefully stored by one of the actress’ friends.)

Could you image getting married in her gown?! Wow!
A few more photos (taken by Reuters at the NYC auction premier over the weekend):

The sale is expected to raise tens of thousands of dollars. Half of the proceeds will go to UNICEF, a charity the actress strongly supported.

Oh, I would love to be in London for this sale! I know I always ask you this every time I write about Audrey Hepburn. But I love to hear your answers: What is it about the actress that appeals to an entirely new generation of women?

One last thing: I’ve watched this clip so many times. I think it’s one of life’s treasures.


I just finished writing my profile this morning of Colleen Atwood, the very talented Academy Award winning costume designer on this movie, Nine, based on Fellini’s 8 1/2. I can’t wait until this is in theaters. Have a look at the trailer and tell me what you think!

Death of a Supermodel

South Korean supermodel Daul Kim — who was a regular on catwalks in New York, Milan and Paris — was found dead after an apparent suicide last week at her luxury flat in Paris.  According to the Daily Telegraph of London, her death was discovered after she left a series of messages on her now closed Blogspot blog — I Like to Fork Myself — saying she was lonely and depressed.

So sad. What a beautiful girl she was.  Do you think the fashion industry puts too much pressure on its young models? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Gemma Ward, who announced last week that she was taking a break from modeling. The press has been relentless recently in posting unflattering pictures of Gemma,  who gained weight following the death of her boyfriend, actor Heath Ledger. The girl is gorgeous, no matter how much she weighs.

I guess this is a dark subject for a Sunday evening. But it was on my mind, so I thought I would post it.

(Photo above via Lost and Found)

What is Flickr?

Hello everyone. Continuing with my humor theme today, here’s a clip from the crew, which took to the streets to find out if people know what Flickr is…The photo sharing site seems to be a little better understood among the general public than, say, Twitter. Have a look:

I love the guy who says: “What’s liquor?”

Sassy Grandmas

I love these women. When confronted by corporate greed and insensitive bosses with dumb ideas, I suspect they would offer a string of obscenities that mean basically this:   Buzz off, idiots.

Photos from

Have a lovely Thursday!

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