I love these photos — this girl with her red skirt and red flats….On a street in Barcelona, perhaps? Posted on flickr by Alvertigo.


30 Comments on Girl in the Red Skirt

  1. I love these photos!! I love her red skirt and flats with a classic white blouse. And I love red… Haha

  2. Gorgeous!! Love the contrasts, the rough walls, rough steps and the red skirt which seems to brighten everything up!!! Lovely! G

  3. I often feel like the first photo looks throughout my weeks…..I wish I LOOKED as chic though! Also, we got one more caption for the Karl post!! {for the last picture alien meets Karl….}

  4. They are just like pictures of a fairy tale, don't you think? It's just waiting for the prince to arrive to sweep her off her feet.

  5. love how the red just pops out. each picture seems to tell a different story about this girl :)


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