Nov 04, 2009

by English Muse

It’s just a fantasy created by photographer Alison Jackson, using look-alikes…Yet what if?

“Likeness becomes real and fantasy touches on the believable,” Jackson explains. “The viewer is suspended in disbelief. I try to highlight the psychological relationship between what we see and what we imagine. This is bound up in our need to look—our voyeurism—and our need to believe.”


(More of her work here.)


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27 Responses to “Intimate Pictures of Marilyn and JFK?”

  1. TheBeautyFile says:

    I love the idea of perception and how what we see, or at least, THINK we see changes the image in our mind, and then all that we associate with it. Reminds me of if US magazine existed in the 60s….

    Also reminds me somehow of the movie, "Vanilla Sky" because of that whole vivid dream idea…we see only what we want to see….goes for relationships as well….

    love this. going to check out her work!

  2. Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** says:

    Wow – those are some amazing look-a-likes. I'm impressed.

  3. giulia says:

    I'm glad to know about it but the iffy moral issue & overly derivative nature of the art…hmmm. I dunno. I like a lot of Cindy Sherman, for example, & so derivative is not always a bad thing of course (e.g., collage, remixes, etc). Will think on this.

    (I take BeautyFiles point & agree…but I am profoundly grateful that US magazine did not exist when I was growing up.)

  4. plaisirs simples says:

    omg, this is crazy!

  5. MrJeffery says:

    These are cool.

  6. The Wanderers' Daughter says:

    Wow those are beautifully-conceived and crafted photos. Very powerful.

  7. Alicia says:

    They look incredibly realistic!

  8. Cassandra Marie says:

    Wow, those people look identical to who they're supposed to be portraying! Crazy..

  9. Ange says:

    The reality of virtual remains a bit scary to me…

  10. Jo says:

    Wow….I'm taken aback by these photos! (especially since I am a believer in some of the theories I'm sure we've all heard)

    I have to agree with some of the comments made regarding US magazine. I, too, am glad not to have grown up with it.

    Great post!! Very thought provoking!

  11. Uncle Beefy says:

    Unreal! I mean, yes, it is "unreal". But if you hadn't said anything I think I would've bought in pronto. Kinda eerie. But amazing.

  12. Margaret says:

    Its so realistic. They're such beautiful photographs. I love!

  13. vintageveggie says:

    wow. this is quite moving. i hope everyone has seen happy birthday mr. president…?

  14. ~ Maranda @ {Evoked} ~ says:

    Provoking in the best way! Thanks for sharing!!


  15. Karin says:

    Those pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  16. vanillapress says:

    Beautiful!That woman has such a curvy, 1950's body!

  17. Penney says:

    I was in my 7th grade French class when Kennedy was
    assassinated…I ran home screaming and crying..
    I often wonder..
    We all are voyeurs, aren't we?
    These were so well done, and lovely..


  18. MyLittleHappyPlace says:

    Incredible – and MOST clever!

  19. persiansweetfantasy says:

    Wow amazing.Beautiful photography.I would love to be a model for a photo shoot like this, don't hesitate to contact me

  20. Emily says:

    How beautiful! I wish I could have lived in that time! Those were sexy times! Great photos, great entry! xxx LZ

  21. denise, the prime magpie says:

    What an amazing collection. It's really haunting work, as I daresay almost half of the photos include people who are no longer with us. The Marilyn and JFK ones are both provocative and also sad; you wonder how many private moments people in the public eye truly have to themselves and their loved ones.


    Quite clever concept~
    'voyeurism' is on my mind lately as well…Intriguing Tina!

  23. Kristen says:

    wow, what an awesome idea. I totally would have believed it was really them. Very interesting concept.

  24. Kaylovesvintage says:

    she looks so good

  25. Liv Lundelius says:

    this pictures are stunning. really emotional.
    they are telling a story.
    it really looks like them. what a fabulous project.

  26. Luxury hotels says:

    Good post, you gave some interesting information.

  27. Sam says:

    This is especially interesting compared to our modern tabloid culture. I don’t think JFK could have possibly gotten away with the alleged scandal today … at least not with out a few incriminating (but tender and beautiful) photos like these.

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