The flickr caption on this photo (of a very stylish Isaac Mizrahi dress) made me laugh: If it were pink, it would be the world’s most perfect dress. (Posted here!)

I wish I had this dress — in any color. One of my dear friends invited me to attend a black-tie awards ceremony tonight in Beverly Hills. And I have nothing to wear, really…Sometimes I think men have it so easy: They can always wear a tux!

Will let you know how it goes…


30 Comments on The most fabulous party dress…

  1. I love the color! The crisp cut of the sleeve finished with the soft bow is amazing. If I had a dress like that it would be so much easier to go to fancy parties! That is if I had any on the calendar…

  2. I've seen this photo a few times and each time I want more. I once went looking for a full picture of the dress so I could lament further about how perfect it is and how I don't own it, but alas, no luck. Maybe it's better that way. But I may be always chasing after this dress (I'd want it in a rich peacock blue).

  3. I love everything about this dress including the colour:) It would look fab on me lol! Please fill us in on what you chose to wear tonight~

  4. haha that is funny!! everything is better in pink :)

    I know what you mean about having nothing to wear, guys do get it so much easier.

  5. Such a vibrant colour. I was reading on "Already Pretty" that she suggests turning the little 'black' dress into the little 'bright' dress. So I have a bright red dress, a fiery, orangey dress that is just stunning and makes me feel sexy!

  6. Like the dress and the colour ! Hard to have the right skin tone to pull of this shade though. Great photo.
    Hope you find something and have a fun time.

  7. I love it and I don't mind the color… It's great!

    I've always wanted to wear a dress. But my sister doesn't want me to coz i'm petite with no waist curve (ouch!) and she told me that dresses would only make me look shorter. *sigh*

  8. This dress is divine . I have an idea you should rent a tux and wear it. I know you will answer me you prefer this lovely dress …but …

  9. I disagree with the caption. The orange is stunning. I'm sure it would be lovely in pink, as well, but something about the orange makes it more special.

  10. Even with just this perfect little detail of the dress, I know I'd wear it in a heartbeat. What a bright, happy color to share an evening with.

  11. I think nearly all dresses should be made with pockets. I almost ripped open and sewed pockets into my wedding dress…