The crew took to the streets to find out if people really know what Twitter is. The answers are very funny…

I love people. Happy Monday everyone…


13 Comments on What’s Twitter?

  1. i love people too!

    especially in your blog. i cant believe you have so many followers! your blog is simply DEVINE!

  2. Hee hee! Hilarious! "You can follow people…so if they go to the bathroom you can follow them!" Goodness me I'm very glad it hasn't gone that far yet!

  3. That's such an interesting video. I'm amazed by the range of ideas people have about what Twitter is. Many of them seem to have it very right, but in different ways. I just started tweeting and am still trying to figure it all out myself.

  4. hmmm… something that people do with their fingers! True, but open for interpretations!
    Thanks for making me laugh Tina! :)

  5. This made me laugh!!! I loved the one where the young lady says you can know if someone is using the restroom… "I think it's when you tweet"!!! Any who, thanks for making me laugh and now I have a very strong definition of Twitter!! :)

  6. I just found you on A Bloomsbury Life, and i'm so glad i did. What a fabulous blog! I look forward to exploring your older posts as well. Cheers, Lizzy

  7. Hehe eeveryone knew far more about Twitter than my friends do! I tried to explain, but I was just met with blank stares. Ah well, one day they'll come around 😀

    xx Kit