I’ve been trying to decide for a few months now what sort of glasses I should get. Perhaps something bold, Anna Karina style…

But should they be round or square or oblong or heart shaped? Like these….

Or perhaps like these?…

I have a new life, so I decided to do something unexpected:  Big,  gold, and bold — to match the new streaks in my hair.  With glasses from here.  In addition to being beautiful these glasses, hopefully, will finally help me see things clearly!

Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday…I can’t believe the week is almost over!

(Photos from We Heart It, with credits on my page.)


28 Comments on Girls Who Wear Glasses…

  1. That sounds so exciting! New glasses for a new life. I love the styles that Moscot carry, there's a nude colored pair that I've been eyeing (no pun intented:) for months.. Hope you get a pair that are perfect!

  2. I love glasses! These are great pictures too. I would say why choose, get more than one pair! Just like shoes… you can't just have one style :)

  3. Big gold and bold sounds awesome – and I definitely agree with the others, get more than one pair, to accessorize. I always end up being intimidated by the salespeople who choose the worst shape and colour for me. I am wearing a rather horrible pair as I type. I saw a beautiful translucent white pair of Vogue frames some months ago but ended up walking away. So gutted! Maybe I need a new life too :)

  4. aye! i have been wishing for glasses since I was a little girl- a little girl who lied during her eye examination, but to avail- to this day i still do not need glasses.

    love that photo of anna karina, but then again so never looks bad.


  5. I saw go for the "like these" category…they're totally back and I think you could really rock them…have I mentioned I am in love with the new banner…can't stop staring!

  6. The round ones are so cute! I am glad I don't wear glasses but if I ever find a need I will pick up a round pair of black frames!

  7. Yes yes yes, me like!! I fell in here somtimes, in your beautiful and sensual blog.

    I take the opportunity to leave a footprint behind me, a swedish one.


  8. I love the big glasses. Sometimes I secretly wish I wore glasses just to wear them! But I don't want to be one of those girls who wears like, empty frames!

  9. I have been needing glasses and have been debating the same thing… I have no idea what to go with! Though I spose, actually trying them on and then deciding is what i should do. lol

  10. I need them for reading and look always for them….
    On top I always seek out stylish ones and hardly like them on me…
    Enjoy your new live style!


  11. I think I would buy several pairs of less expensive glasses than one expensive pair.. Because I would love to shift the colors and shapes with my mood.. :)