Dec 02, 2009

by English Muse

I’ve been trying to decide for a few months now what sort of glasses I should get. Perhaps something bold, Anna Karina style…

But should they be round or square or oblong or heart shaped? Like these….

Or perhaps like these?…

I have a new life, so I decided to do something unexpected:  Big,  gold, and bold — to match the new streaks in my hair.  With glasses from here.  In addition to being beautiful these glasses, hopefully, will finally help me see things clearly!

Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday…I can’t believe the week is almost over!

(Photos from We Heart It, with credits on my page.)


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28 Responses to “Girls Who Wear Glasses…”

  1. Hermione says:

    That sounds so exciting! New glasses for a new life. I love the styles that Moscot carry, there's a nude colored pair that I've been eyeing (no pun intented:) for months.. Hope you get a pair that are perfect!

  2. victoryeah! says:

    I love glasses! These are great pictures too. I would say why choose, get more than one pair! Just like shoes… you can't just have one style 🙂

  3. brownnoseinc says:

    you CAN have as many as you want****

  4. ...Seyma... says:

    wow they look so cute 🙂

    love and x

  5. the girl with the satchel says:

    oh I love all of these deffo get some geek glasses they are major awesome,xxx

  6. Shaista says:

    Big gold and bold sounds awesome – and I definitely agree with the others, get more than one pair, to accessorize. I always end up being intimidated by the salespeople who choose the worst shape and colour for me. I am wearing a rather horrible pair as I type. I saw a beautiful translucent white pair of Vogue frames some months ago but ended up walking away. So gutted! Maybe I need a new life too 🙂

  7. Lazzenia says:

    All those glasses are amazing. I like the most the last ones but they are all beautiful <3

  8. Tara Dillard says:

    Fun, and thanks for posting their website. I just ordered from last Sunday!!

    Yes, reinvent yourself. Madonna shouldn't have all the fun.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  9. Every Little Counts says:

    aye! i have been wishing for glasses since I was a little girl- a little girl who lied during her eye examination, but to avail- to this day i still do not need glasses.

    love that photo of anna karina, but then again so never looks bad.


  10. TheBeautyFile says:

    I saw go for the "like these" category…they're totally back and I think you could really rock them…have I mentioned I am in love with the new banner…can't stop staring!

  11. Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** says:

    I've been wanting new glasses too! I'm a big believer in a new life = new look. Here are some more that I love.

    The bigger the better! 😉

  12. vicki archer says:

    I love kooky glasses….these are fun, xv.

  13. MrJeffery says:

    Bold glasses are fun!

  14. texassky says:

    The round ones are so cute! I am glad I don't wear glasses but if I ever find a need I will pick up a round pair of black frames!

  15. Her name was Lola says:

    First pair = genius. P.S. Love the new blog banner!


  16. tanvi @ now craving says:

    I would NOT look this adorable in glasses. But oh how I wish I would….

  17. Cassandra Marie says:

    Ooo sassy! haha

  18. sinnlighet says:

    Yes yes yes, me like!! I fell in here somtimes, in your beautiful and sensual blog.

    I take the opportunity to leave a footprint behind me, a swedish one.


  19. myelectricheart says:

    I love the big glasses. Sometimes I secretly wish I wore glasses just to wear them! But I don't want to be one of those girls who wears like, empty frames!

  20. Amandolin says:

    I have been needing glasses and have been debating the same thing… I have no idea what to go with! Though I spose, actually trying them on and then deciding is what i should do. lol

  21. the real mia says:

    I wish I wish I had to wear glasses. Sometimes I wear them for fun, but not very often.

  22. VictoriaArt says:

    I need them for reading and look always for them….
    On top I always seek out stylish ones and hardly like them on me…
    Enjoy your new live style!


  23. katrina says:

    what a great shop. i wonder which style you're going to get….

    i love these:

  24. Tina says:

    oh! i almost got those in that bright blue! but then i ended up with these because i loved the gold ones. very 1970s halston.

  25. Marthe says:

    I think I would buy several pairs of less expensive glasses than one expensive pair.. Because I would love to shift the colors and shapes with my mood.. 🙂


  26. Adriana says:

    I would love glasses, I annually get my eyes checked in the hope I need a pair. But to no avail…sigh

  27. auxpaysdesmerveilles says:

    Oh how I love glasses! Sometimes I'm sad I don't need them… Damn you super vision!

  28. clarewbrown says:

    Oh I love picking out my new glasses… though I must admit it often takes me HOURS! haha

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