I’m attempting something new this year: handmade collage holiday cards. This one is my first:

I was really nervous about posting it because I’ve never really tried collage before!
I suppose it’s giving a new use to my old magazines.



25 Comments on Handmade Collage Holiday Card

  1. Hey, Tina,. It looks great. I love doing it though my tech skills aren't so great (or my tech stuff either:)

    Really great…

  2. How cute … what a great surprise for anyone to have found that in their mailbox !

    Merry merry,

  3. That's a lovely collage! I've been doing art collage since years ago. It's fun and, indeed, makes good use of old mags. Instead of cutting the pages though, I rip the things from it to make a torn look. I plan to frame it and use as a wall decor or something. =)