The sorts of things I collect and can never part with no matter how useless they are.


26 Comments on iPhone photos: Buttons & Beads

  1. Oh those buttons are adorable… I like their colors and textures. Amazing what good pics you can take with an iPhone, no?

  2. I'm fairly certain one day i will go nuts and hot glue all the little trinkets i store in tins to a brooch or something

  3. Oh, I LOVE it! This is such a great idea…I have so many things, little trinkets, that lay around totally useless…how lovely to photograph and display them! They all deserve a time to shine! xo

    ps- George's on the blog…looking so dapper & dreamy….

  4. 35p hmmm I can think of something useful to do with that and it begins with choc and ends with olate!

  5. We all seem to have these isolated collections, however yours defiantly looks better than mine!

  6. Tina, wishing you magnificent New Year! And I absolutely understand your interest in buttons and little things – they are what we considered to be treasures when we were children. I suppose they hold the air of a magic. When my daughter was 3, we took a big box and filled it with colored buttons, pearls,gem stones and old brooches and put it in my grandmother's garden under the old apple tree. The next time we were back 5 years later. The first thing my daughter did was ran to the apple tree to dig out the box.It felt as she found the treasure,pure joy! Such a beautiful memory :-)

  7. These are rather sweet – inspires me to upload a few of my own iphone photographs that are usually forgotten about!

  8. I love lil random things like this. I once got a box at a rummage sale & I didn't know it had tons of buttons in it. hehe.

  9. such a lovely, unique collection. i also have a rather large collection of buttons.
    happy new year!

  10. I have a boxfull of similar things…I like to open it every so often, and marvel at the pitiless hoarder that I am 😀

  11. it doesn't matter if they're useless, they're asthetically lovely :) I too collect buttons and have been searching for the perfect dish to keep them in..keep you posted!