So lovely…I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday.

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28 Comments on Red

  1. Perfect way to start a Friday…with a healthy dose of gorgeous images. I love red. It's the fire I need to finish my projects.

  2. i love red. it's the perfect color for full saturation or just a little touch. thanks for the fabulous images.

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  3. I love the red heart cupped in the girl's palms, beautiful. And of course the red bow was dramatic, reminded of that poignant visual of the little girl in the red coat in Schindler's List.

  4. i know…i want that bow!! i just watched Somersault again tonight…i had forgotten about the contrast of her gray coat and red gloves…magical.

  5. yummmm… there's just something so fantastic and enticing about red. loving that red bow!