I’ve been thinking that maybe I need a little break from all this layoff angst. I’ve decided to take a trip to Paris (leaving on Jan. 20) to sip hot chocolate and stroll through the 7th arrondissement with my friend Elaine, who lives there with her husband, Jean-Loup. I’m doing this on the cheep because I’m watching every dime. I’ve got a great rate on the plane fare, and now I’m looking to rent a studio apartment. It won’t be like the one below. But this lovely pied-a-terre — in the newest issue of Paumes Appartements de filles a Paris — has me so inspired.

Have a look:

Can’t wait, can’t wait!


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  1. wow, I've been seriously dreaming of doing that for over a year. if i had the cash my daughter and i would be there in a heartbeat. have an amazing time, you deserve it!

  2. So happy to hear this…so exciting Tina! I was there 2 months ago, still beautiful & lovely…more than ever!

  3. Oh wow, that's fantastic! I need a little break too, I will take a trip to London next week! I can't wait!
    Have a nice day,

  4. what a fabulous idea! for some reason i keep dreaming about running off to paris too (slightly easier for me to do, just hop on a train!) cannot wait to hear all about it! xx

  5. @vicki, i just took your beautiful book off the shelf tonight to look through it again. i love that girl with the umbrella. i found an umbrella like that in london last year and had to buy it because it reminded me of that paris girl…

  6. That doesn't look too cheap!! :)The apartment looks gorgeous! Have a wonderful time – it will nice to take a break and be inspired.

  7. Oh good for you. This is a much deserved break for you. I'm wishing my first trip to Paris to come soon. My roommate is going to France to visit her sister around the same time.

  8. wow wow wow!
    I am so exciting as well, my darling! Your trip to Paris will be the best choice. I am sure everything will be much nicer when you come back home.

    love you

  9. mon dieu! I am so excited for you! I *think* (HOPE!) I'll be going to Paris in June – my first Paris trip ever, I can't wait! I'll have to tide myself over with stories of your upcoming trip….

  10. Ha….we are definItely on the same wavelength…I too have been dreaming of Paris as of late.In fact I'm planning to do some Paris themed posts next week.Have a wonderful time.The perfect antidote for whatever ails you.

  11. AMAZING! I am SO excited for you….this is JUST what you need!! So fabulous…I can't wait to see your pictures!

  12. I'm so sorry about the stress with your work — I hope it all works out for you! These photos are just so inspiring! How lucky that you know someone in Paris! You should definitely go…

  13. That's funny, that's what I did after my layoff! I spent a week in Paris and a week in the Norman countryside — completely unplugged from the rest of the world.

    Go and enjoy yourself! Nothing soothes the soul better than a little time in Paris.

  14. *Sigh*…a Paris vacation! I've been wanting to go back there again. It's so beautiful :) Have a great trip!

  15. Oh, hope you have a wonderful time, and spot at least a handful of gorgeous French men:) Sounds lovely!! Merry Christmas!

  16. I hope you have an amazing time! I feel my time for a break is also overdue, and there's no better place for that than Europe. I will be in London and Paris (hopefully) in January. Bon Voyage!

  17. oh how exciting!
    sounds like great fun. enjoy the planning.
    i could also really do with a little holiday.

  18. Just discovered your blog through the lovely Antonio from the Singular. I hope you have a great time in Paris (just around the corner from London…). BTW, I really love your blog and have put it on my blog list and feed. Sabine x

  19. wow, this house is so beautiful!!!
    you have the loveliest blog ever.

  20. You are a very smart lady. My I like the title of this post, my own personal version is, "when the tough turn 30, they 30 year old goes to Paris." That will be me in April and I decided to do something fabulous instead of staying home and moping. Nothing cheers you up like Paris, you've made a wise choice!

  21. A trip to Paris sounds like the perfect getaway! Enjoy!!! That little pied-a-terre looks cute. I love all the eclectics.

  22. I would LOVE to get a studio apartment in paris for a little while. The times I've been there, I'm either in a hostel or dorm. How long will you be there for? As much as this economy sticks, its great for people who are still in a semi-good situation with there jobs. Just means better travel expenses! =D

  23. Sounds divine – looks like all your blog readers are jealous, me included! I am trying to learn French at the moment so am hoping that will be a good excuse to get there soon.

  24. when i was stuck in a rut last year the perfect opportunity came around for me to spend a month in paris. i came back a new person…i hope it works out for you too!!!

    (macarons and cafe cremes helped a lot)

  25. Hiya, one of my friends is renting her flat near Bastille from mid-Jan to mid-Feb. Give me a shout if interested.

  26. Happy New Year Tina! Slowly catching up on the blogosphere since my Christmas vacay, so thrilled you're taking you time in Paris – only 24 more days..yahoO!