I almost didn’t recognize her with the blonde hair. Then I saw who took the photo: the goddess of transformation, Ellen Von Unwerth.

But what do you make of this photo?…(i feel like i’m alone on my blog today. where is everyone?)


45 Comments on Zooey Deschanel? Is that you?

  1. Even though I know it's her, I still don't think it looks like her. That blonde hair is really tricking me up. Amazing transformation.

  2. Woww. She kind of looks like Hillary duff from one of her candies ads! What a transformation indeed..love your blog!! :)

  3. I agree with the others: I thought it was Hilary Duff!! I wonder if she will be pleased with the comparison or not?

  4. Right here! I have to say, I don't like the photo or the look at all… Sorry! It's too plastic, and so on. Love your blog though!

  5. Ah yeah, still here, but in that horrible "reading but not commenting much this week" kind of phase. Now full of guilt 😉

  6. Love her, hate this photograph. So candy and plastic. It truly looks more like Anna Nicole Smith than Zooey.

  7. It is a glamor shot. I still can't recognize her face though I know its Zooey.

    Love your new header, by the way. 😉

  8. ohh shes gorgeous. i was wondering the same thing earlier this morning, blog land seems a bit empty today!

  9. We're working, too, Tina…or looking for some. Plus holidays. Plus….shriek. Tons of things.

    Hope HuffPo is going well………


  10. people have been oddly quiet in blog land as of late…
    anyway, i'm confused by this photo! where is sweet zooey?

  11. i actually thought it was hillary duff. impressive transformation, but i like normal brunette zoey much much better.

  12. Woah! I know it's Zooey, but I'm still having trouble believing it… It looks good though. Ellen Von Unwerth is a master when it comes to photographing women.

  13. Wow, I can't believe that's her! Cool photo, but I'm not really enjoying the whole "space barbie" look on her!

  14. I saw this the other day and couldn't believe my eyes! I love that she's rockin' the Lady Gaga, but I think I prefer the usual Zooey charm!

  15. Zooey is my style Icon, I eventually have plans to go through my closet and get a set theme and pretty frocks and girlish romance is going to be my theme i think. And you are lot alone on your blog, at least people read yours, no one reads mine.

  16. Wow, I definitely DO NOT recognize her at all. Such a transformation (although I think I like her other self better!)

  17. yikes, not loving this. would have never noticed it was her unless you said it. i think i prefer her cotton commercial days. :)

  18. Very 60's spirit , There's "un je ne sais quoi" that makes her looks like Brigitte Bardot.
    I didn't recognize Zooey at first, i prefer her as a brunette to be honest .

  19. holy smokes…she looks like Hillary Duff or someone like that! It's kinda retro though. I can't decide… I guess it can be fun to play dress up?!

  20. completely does not look like zooey deschanel at all + really quite cool — adore all the pink