As I’m getting ready for my trip, everything Paris related catches my eye. I spotted this today in the flickr photostream of UK artist Fiona Watson, who goes by the name Wild Goose Chase on the photo sharing site. Her collages are extraordinary. In this one she includes a French postcard. She translates the inscription this way:
“How much I would like to find myself next to you this morning, to take your head in my two hands with eager tenderness and a fever of caresses.”
The postmark is 1917- sent during World War I

I wonder if he made it home back to her?


17 Comments on A fever of caresses

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  2. Oh welcome to Paris ! Where are you staying ? Wish you a passionnate and gorgeous trip ! We are freezing !!! Sunny Side from Paris

  3. That's so funny.I too ran across Fiona's work recently and am planning a post next week.lovely collage.
    I'm still experimenting with iPhone pics…we'll see if any are worthy.

  4. I believe he found his way back because a man would crawl through fire to be with a woman with such feelings.

  5. What a beautiful Paris association. You must be so excited… How long are you planning to stay? Sabine x

  6. Oh, lucky you, Tina! You are going to Paris…This is a really beautiful post card!

  7. So excited for you! I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! Take lots of pics to share when you return!

  8. You have a wonderful knack of finding exquisite images, I always look forward to your next post. Thank you for sharing.