This is where I am: In this little lit room in an otherwise dark house. Too much to do to sleep.

What time is it where you are?


25 Comments on It’s 2:05 am in LA

  1. It's 4:27 AM where I live. Haven't been to bed yet. Wish I could say I keep rockstar hours, but I've only been up all night writing passed-due emails. Rather lame, non?

    Hope you have a marvelous time in the great city of lights…and love, I think. Be sure to bring back lots of memories {and photos} to share with all of us faithful readers.

    xo, J

  2. It's 11:45 am here where I live. I got up at 8:00 and I have just been to the beach for a lovely walk even though it is winter, but it's a beautiful sunny day!!

  3. haha, that is so sweet! I would never have imagined that an la room would look like that:)SO jealous, here in london, things are grey and cold…per usual:) x LZ

  4. I'm amazed at that wall! I absolutely love it! (I've just sent the link to my boyfriend, asking if we can decorate a wall like that when we move.)

    I'm another across-the-ponder, writing from Bristol, England. It's 11am here, & I'm frantically trying to finish the second draft of an essay for my MA supervisor to consider. It's incredibly foggy here in Bristol, so it looks like it's 6am, & I feel like I should be snuggled up in bed with tea & a good book. But philosophy & a computer will have to do…

    Enjoy Pah-ree! I can't wait to see all the photos you take and to read your stories. Make sure to go to Shakespeare & Company ( across from the Notre Dame. It's an incredible book store :.)

  5. It's 3:08pm here dear, and I'm stuck behind my desk! I think someone's too excited about a certain trip somewhere to sleep… :)

  6. i'm so excited!!! (i guess i could lie and say i'm just trying to get used to the time zone in europe! hah!)

  7. it's 9-ish in SG where i live. a little past dinner time. hope you're having a good rest now :)

  8. Ohhhh, a little late to be posting this here in AZ, 1:41 p.m. to be exact! I always love the days leading up to a big trip – the sheer anticipation of adventures to come keeps me up all hours.

  9. You must have been soooooo excited for your journey! So excited that the rain we've (finally) been having couldn't lull you to sleep! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!