Hello, I’m finally settled in my Parisian apartment. Except for taking off into a massive thunderstorm in Los Angeles, the flight was smooth as glass. Over the Arctic Circle I raised the window shade and there were the stars glowing three times as brightly as they do over the California desert. After a taxi ride to the apartment, I went out into the neighborhood to buy groceries (and other things with gorgeous French labels). The previous occupants had thoughtfully left a bottle of white wine in the fridge, and so I’ve settled in for a snug evening. Outside my window, there is wonderful street life. Here, even the police car sirens have a special music.

Tomorrow I will have even more to tell you — and iPhone photos of this beautiful city.

Au revoir from the 16th Arrondissement!


61 Comments on My Little Paris Apartment

  1. What a lovely and totally French setting! I'm living in anticipation of your photos. Enjoy, as I know you will.

  2. So happy for you……….I left paris on tuesday……a great city…don´t foget to drink a hot chocolate at La Jacobine(belive me..the best)at saint germain …www.paris.planresto.fr
    bon voyage

  3. looking forward to your lovely and interesting photos of the city of lights……ahhhhh, Paris…..my favorite city! Enjoy!

  4. What a great welcome! So good to know you're settling in well with a lovely apartment as a base. Sabine x

  5. oh, it makes me miss Paris so much. Have a great time. Paris is such an energetic city. I loved just walking everywhere.

  6. So beautiful! Hope you are enjoying yourself. I'm looking forward to reading more about your life in Paris. :)

  7. Woaah, your apartment looks amazing! My sister is actually getting herself a Parisian apartment in March, I already told her she'll have to endure me there during quite a lot of weekends! Citytrips, here I comeeee.

  8. I want to throw open those doors and walk onto that little balcony. It's perfect — precisely what a Parisian apartment should be. Enjoy your stay!

  9. Oh, it sounds absolutely lovely. And looks it too. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about this!

  10. oh wow. that room looks divine…enjoy pairs.

    p.s. i am slightly jealous that you got to leave this LA pour down and jet off to the beautiful city….

  11. Hi I'm Alyssa! I just started following your blog and I find it completely fascinating. I love the photos of you paris apartment; it's making me extremely jealous!

  12. So happy you are there and in a cozy apartment. Have you heard about the Supreme Court ruling here today? OMG… I think I might move to Paris!!

  13. Hi! This is such a cute apartment….do you mind telling me where you found the site to rent it? My boyfriend & I are thinking of a Paris trip and we love renting while we're away…I'd love your advise. Thanks!

  14. ah, my heart swells for you. there's nothing quite like the feeling of being in paris. the energy is just different (and by different, i mean so much better). have a wonderful time.

  15. I've only been to Paris on Google Earth. haha. My mom went when she was a teenager and she got to describe it to me, too, though. (:
    I'd love to go there in person.
    But google earth helps my fix. XD

    Watch your bags for the pickpockets!! ;D



  16. I've been following your beautiful blog for a long time now! I live in Antwerp (Belgium). That's a 4 hour drive from Paris. It's weird and cool that you are so close now! I hope you enjoy every moment in Paris! It's an ancient city with a lot of soul! If you ever need some European help or a trip to Antwerp, don't hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to show you around.

  17. oh la la, c'est magnifique! hope you and your silk thermals have a wonderful time, make sure you take some time to just walk, and walk, and walk, the best discoveries in a city are made that way. i envy you, i do so love Paris.

  18. Gorgeous! I'm so jealous of you. 😀 I can't wait to see pictures so that I can live vicariously through you.

  19. Wow Tina, look at all these comments you're getting! Everybody so excited about your Parisian adventures, looking forward to catching up on yoru posts and seeing your photos :)

  20. That is a dream apartment!!

    I love that the previous guest left you a bottle of wine! I'll be curious to see what lovely surprise you leave for the guest to come after you! 😉

  21. What a picture perfect apartment! Please do post more shots and tell us how we can rent it too…I'll be there in the summer and can't wait (more so now after seeing your photos). xo

  22. ah… makes me wish I had a cup of coffee and a flaky croissant in hand, watching the morning light come in…

  23. I too would love to know how u came across such an awesome apartment ?

    the pictures look wonderful and i am glad ur enjoying yourself