From my recent trip to Paris…
Paris Carousel


paris polaroids

paris polaroids

paris polaroid

Taken on a balmy winter day during a walk along the Seine.

(Photos were taken with my Polaroid OneStep Flash, bought on eBay.)


39 Comments on Paris Polaroids

  1. Tina I love your polaroids! They're the perfect texture for Paris, so romantic and full of whimsy :)

  2. Gorgeous work, Tina.
    I especially love the carousel. Couldnt have Paris without a carousel pola!

  3. these are seriously amazing. you should turn them into postcards!
    i love your blog!

  4. these are INCREDIBLE! i don't think there is anything better than polaroids in paris! delightful!

  5. Wow! You truly captured the magic of the city! Beautiful! Please, please, please post where/how you rented that sweet little apartment – I am dying to know!!!! I've been looking into it and the apartments that have pretty decor are a fortune!!! PLS HELP! :)

    xoxo love,


  6. wooww…what amazing shots!!
    it makes me want to just run off to paris this instant!!
    i don't know what it is about polaroids, but doesn't it seem to make everything more earthy yet whimsical? the feeling captured through that medium…
    these photos are fantastic! thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  7. I can't think of a more perfect pair than Paris + Polaroid.

    Boy, did I just commit a crime of alliteration or what!?

  8. Firstly, can I just say you have a very beautiful blog!

    Secondly, I just got back from Paris for the very first time myself last night! J'taime. It was all I hoped and more and these Polaroid's perfect! x